How to recover quickly after a workout

Proper recovery after exercise aids proper muscle building. But how do you recover quickly? We tell you.

As more and more people become aware of the benefits of strength training for fitter, stronger muscles and bones, they are also experimenting with different high intensity workouts for more sculpted bodies. But whatever the form of exercise that you do – whether functional training or cardio – your body needs to recover from the workout to be able to function properly.

Proper recovery is essential for the right restoration of muscles and tissues during the workout. If the muscles have not adequately recovered and you work them over again, then they become susceptible to tears and injury. At the very least, you will experience soreness and pain in certain muscles.

Hence, recovery post-exercise is as important as warmup pre-exercise. And the faster the body recovers, the better it performs during the next … Read more

Cure that back pain – blast it with spray!

The best back pain cure spray is like magic potion in a bottle – just spray it on your back and get back to life.

The back is one of the most important parts of the body. It keeps your spine supported, carries a fair proportion of your upper body weight, and is necessary for proper movement. But since it works so hard, it also tires out quickly, especially when you put in long hours at work or are unable to get sufficient sleep at night.

Why does your back hurt?

Your back may hurt due to several reasons. It is important to ascertain that the cause is not injury-related, in which case, you must see your doctor for treatment. However, if you have not suffered any injury but still have a stiff and sore back, it could be due to stress, exertion, lack of sleep, long days and nights … Read more

A Dentists Guide To Implantology

Missing teeth can be very inconvenient and if this happens in the front of the jaw, can go a long way in decreasing our self-esteem too. But, with solutions like implantology, you don’t have to worry these days. So, if you are about to get an implantology done, you sure must be curious about what really is this going to be about. So, here is a brief look:

A tooth is made up of two components. At the top, we have the crown. This is nothing but the visible part of the tooth. Now below the tooth is the root. This is the invisible part that is located below the gumline.

In a dental implant, an artificial tooth gets inserted into the jawbone. So, you have something like a screw in place of the root and an artificial tooth in place of the missing tooth. This procedure also involves an … Read more

Guide to Vaping Without Nicotine

A lot of people love nicotine in their vape juice and vaping without nicotine would seem pointless. Although, different people take it in different levels. However, there are also non- nicotine vapers. And for this group of people, the ideal vape juice is one without nicotine. There are some surprising benefits to using non-nicotine vape juice and in this article, we shall be discussing why some people choose non-nicotine vape juice over nicotine vape juice.

Quitting a nicotine addiction

Most people pick up vaping because they want to quit smoking or are trying to find a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Vape juice offers nicotine addicts an alternative where they can gradually reduce their nicotine intake to much lower levels or even until zero.

Sometimes former smokers still have a compulsion to smoke but want to stay away from nicotine so they choose zero nicotine vape juice.

Trick vaping

Trick … Read more

Lose Weight by Eating Cookies – Is it Possible?

Not too long ago, if somebody were to tell you that you can lose a few pounds just by eating nothing but cookies, then you’d have probably thought that they were lying through their teeth. However, that is precisely what a new dieting trend called the “cookie diet” proposes and has said to bring excellent results for many people looking to lose weight.

Now the cookie diet is unique in that it is one of the few diet strategies in which it uses something that is traditionally frowned upon (eating cookies) in weight loss, to control cravings instead of meals as a means to lower calorie consumption. Cookie diets have meagre calories produced those who want to attain considerable weight reduction on a short-term basis.

How did the cookie diet start?

Dr Sanford Siegel invented the cookie diet in 1975  for his patients in Florida. The diet was to take … Read more