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Batista vs Randy Orton


Batista won the No. 1 contender on Raw edition of 27 April and he will face Randy Orton for the WWE Title at Judgement Day.

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31 Responses to “Batista vs Randy Orton”

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  1. 1.sophie xx:

    batista betta win that match xx

  2. 2.ahmed khan:

    batista will win u rock batista ortan go home and see your face in mirror then fight

  3. 3.Rajesh:

    Batista is most powerful wrestler on the earth he requires only chance then he can defeat anybody even to undertaker also

  4. 4.bernice barends:

    Ortan cannot win without the help of his mates and he is a caward.

  5. 5.harry:

    batista has to win but i hav a bad feeling he might get kicked in the head hope not by that lucy b*stard

  6. 6.krishna:

    batista will win the match and he will kill randay ortan

  7. 7.krishna:

    randy will die

  8. 8.khan:


  9. 9.alessio:

    batista will defenately win

  10. 10.Kieran:

    Batista is the ANIMAL (he will defantly win):):):)):):):)

  11. 11.noah:

    Batista will kick randy ortan (batista will win)

  12. 12.rohan:

    Randy and his legacy is one of the best team in the whole wwe but if batista play this match with the strategy he can win his first ever WWE Championship……………because all of us know if randy gets a spine buster or a batista bomb he will be losing his WWE Championship by this both the members of legacy will come to distract batista n by this way Randy will give him the RKO but if batista doesn’t loose the match with the RKO he can also give a Punt Kick in the head of batista so that’s why if batista plays with the strategy he can win…………. So all the best BATISTA for your match at Judgement day you will WIN THE WWE Championship………….

  13. 13.alessio:

    randy orton dose not deserv the wwe championship so batista betta win the wwe championship or else someone else will win randy orton for the wwe championship and triple h will be back before judgement day

  14. 14.Bukhari:

    Batista will surely win as he is great star

  15. 15.Bukhari:

    The Animal really deserve wwe title & as a great super star he should win this title.

  16. 16.sonu tabrez:

    BAtista is the best 4 4 4 4 me me ………… and all about my friendss i like batista bomb………. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooo eeest or west batista is the best …….

  17. 17.jazy:

    batista will hit that batista bomb and win.

  18. 18.shane:

    Batista will win the wwe championship belt at Judgementday but if randy punts batista in the skull then triple h should take it from randy at Monday night Raw but if triple h keeps on losing by legacy then he should keep on trying TRIPLE H do the pedigree to orton, dibiase and rhodes. BATISTA do batista bomb to legacy. BATISTA good LUCK.

  19. 19.karthik:

    hi karthik from bangalore am fans batista will win the wwe championship hi like batista win wwe ………………… i love you batista……………

  20. 20.Sher singh:

    Batista bomb will explote at judgement day……………

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