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Here Are Reasons Why You Are Losing Hair Hair loss is something that worries both men and women, though men are more prone to it. Even so, it is important to learn about possible causes of hair loss. Causes of hair loss can be due to simple reasons such as vitamin deficiency, or more complex reasons such as an underlying health condition. Luckily, non-surgical hair growth methods are available that help bring an end to the hair loss nightmare. Read on to find out more on the causes of hair loss. Physical trauma such as vehicle accidents can result in temporary hair loss. Telogen effluvium is a hair loss type that is associated with trauma. Hair growth is actually a cycle that is programmed in phases. A stressful event interferes with these phases, and thus results in shedding. Once your body returns to the norm, the hair growth process will be back in business. Sudden weight loss causes trauma as well, and thus resulting in hair thinning. If weight loss matters are not handles properly, your body becomes stressed. There could also be a problem with your weight loss diet, resulting in deficiencies. A medical weight loss program however will ensure that you have a smooth sailing by perhaps using prescription appetite suppressants that keep your weight loss in check.
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Deficiency in vitamin B is a hair loss cause that is little known. No need to worry if this is the reason behind your hair loss because there are vitamin injections that can solve the problem. Dietary changes can help as well since foods such as fish, non-citrus fruits, and meat are rich in vitamin B, and thus offer natural hair restoration.
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Hormonal change that results from an imbalance of female and male sex hormones can result in hair loss. Anytime male hormones (androgen) are high, the likelihood of diabetes, ovarian cysts, menstruation cycle change, as well as hair loss goes high. Conditions such as poly cystic ovary syndrome are characterized by an excess of male hormones thus causing hair loss, but can be treated using low testosterone therapy. Hypothyroidism is a condition that results from the thyroid gland becoming under active. This gland is situated at the neck region and takes on a crucial role in matters relating to metabolism and growth. Dismal performance by the thyroid gland thus interferes with growth, though your doctor can perform medical tests to establish the reason behind this. Growth of hair will continue after the thyroid problem is rectified. Hair loss is something that many people find worrying. This shouldn’t be the case because affordable hair restoration techniques do exist. The above mentioned will aid you know the culprit behind the hair shedding you might be experiencing.