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Chris Jericho vs CM Punk

Chris Jericho VS CM Punk

Chris Jericho will face CM Punk at upcoming PPV “Payback”.

This picture was submitted by Mahmood WWE.

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7 Responses to “Chris Jericho vs CM Punk”

  1. 1.Rishant:

    Y2J wins!!

  2. 2.Ek Tha Ziddi:


  3. 3.Suphian123:

    Hell no CM Punk is gonna be 2 and 0 against Chris Jericho in Chicago..

  4. 4.Unim Marxik:

    CM Punk the best in the World, I love you.

  5. 5.Suphian123:

    I like him since his debut on ECW in 2006.

  6. 6.WWE Fan:

    Y2J best in the world.

  7. 7.Suphian123:

    No cm punk is the best in the world.

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