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CM Punk defeated The Undertaker

CM Punk defeated The Undertaker to retain World Heavyweight Championship.

CM Punk defeated The Undertaker

CM Punk defeated The Undertaker1
The Undertaker locks in the Hell’s gate Submission hold.

CM Punk defeated The Undertaker2
The Undertaker won the match. Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long’s music hits.

CM Punk defeated The Undertaker3
Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long reminds Undertaker that Hell’s gate is banned. He also says the match will be restarted.

CM Punk defeated The Undertaker4
CM Punk locks in Anaconda vise. The Undertaker fights his way out and the referee calls for the bell and announced CM Punk as a winner.

CM Punk defeated The Undertaker5

CM Punk after wining the match.

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11 Responses to “CM Punk defeated The Undertaker”

  1. 1.umair:

    ah very bad decesion

  2. 2.Diva Amal:

    This sucks… The Undertaker is my new WHC

  3. 3.keshav:

    ah com on undertaker shud win tha match
    so cm punk make everythink clear by wini his WHC i fink only 2 people cn defeat cm punk john cena or batista the animal

  4. 4.Manni:

    Itz all a set up

  5. 5.soren:

    This sucks… The Undertaker is my new WHC

  6. 6.satesh:

    That was a very lame decision – from my point of view undertaker is the whc

  7. 7.Ginger:

    Taker has been cheated before, but I never thought Teddy would join the ranks of a cheating snake! Ted Long just fell to from the top of my list to under the bottom.
    That’s okay! Taker will get justice, and that I promise!!!

  8. 8.irene:

    cm punk is just a coward
    i mean yea the undertaker is SCARY but he hides himself behinde teddy
    this is disgusting
    PS taker will soon be champion

  9. 9.luis:

    I agree but in hell in a cell I have it on CD undertaker defeated CM Punk breaks when subjected to the grave cuellosa

  10. 10.lavar:

    cmpunk is going to rest in peace

  11. 11.Random Zombie:


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