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CM Punk wins Money in the Bank Ladder Match


CM Punk defeated Mark Henry, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Christian, Kofi Kingston, MVP and Finlay to win Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

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4 Responses to “CM Punk wins Money in the Bank Ladder Match”

  1. 1.David:

    Why in the bluest of blue hell did they have CM Punk win the Money In The Bank…two years in a row i mean Shelton was worthy of it and even Kofi, Finlay, or Montel(MVP)…Christian is as well but Vince didnt even want him anywhere near Wrestlemania but he got in anyways

  2. 2.Austin:

    CM Punk won again wow! That’s awesome. Two years in a row.

  3. 3.Tanner:

    kevin be nice to david he is my friend !

  4. 4.adithya:

    i won’t like cm punk
    stupid,idiot,rascal and scoundral
    byeeeeeee my dear stupid cm punk

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