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Diva Amal’s Profile

What’s your full name?
Ans: Amal Ali Al-asa’ad.

What’s your Email?
Ans: Amal18391@yahoo.com

Where do you live?
Ans: I live in Jordan/Irbid.

What’s your dream job?
Ans: WWE Diva/Graphic designer.

Who is your favorite WWE Superstar?
Ans: Jeff Hardy.

Who is your favorite favorite WWE Diva?
Ans: Lita and Trish Stratus.

Which one do you like best? WWE or TNA?
Ans: WWE Of Course.

Who is your favorite Actor?
Ans: Brendan Fraser.

Who is your favorite Actress?
Ans: Angelina Jolie.

What’s your favorite movie?
Ans: Saw.

Are you married?
Ans: No.

Have you ever been on TV?
Ans: No. :(

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12 Responses to “Diva Amal’s Profile”

  1. 1.Randy:

    From where are you gettng those pictures of Jeff Hardy Amal?

  2. 2.Diva Amal:

    from the net and I make pics of him too

  3. 3.rathish:


  4. 4.pepe:

    I from Poland I love WWE RAW and SMACKDOWN

  5. 5.santosh nahak:

    even me 2 a big fan of wwe

  6. 6.santosh nahak:

    send me some cool pics of jef hardy on my mail id

  7. 7..:

    Can u meet any wwe superstar?

  8. 8.Goutam:

    What is ur age?
    and from when u wanted to become WWE DIVA?

  9. 9.bernard micheal:

    cool wwe univers………………

  10. 10.shubham p(ur fan):

    frm wre do u create pics….n how?

  11. 11.shaifi:

    hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am shaifi.your’s choice’s are very good.

  12. 12.Beenaveni ramu yadav:

    Hai, all the best. Contact beenaveni ramu yadav @ facebook.com

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