Do You Need Gum Contouring with Veneers?

baby-2If you’ve ever been interested in a fast solution to slightly crooked, misshaped or gapped teeth, you’re likely aware of veneers and the simplicity and elegance they offer as a solution to your problem. Even teeth that are stained or chipped benefit from veneers. However, veneers might not be the sole solution to your issues. Ask a specialist if gum contouring is right for your treatment plan.

Reshaping the Look of Teeth

Visit a specialist like the one you’ll find at and ask about the benefits of gum contouring. Contouring can actually prove an integral part of reshaping what you think is misshapen teeth and closing spaces you find distracting. Gums that cover too much teeth or aren’t symmetrical on corresponding teeth can make a tooth seem too small, too large or incorrectly shaped. Gums should not only protect your teeth – they should accentuate them as well.

Receding Gums

Receding gums are a common issue with people as they head into their adult years, particularly if they brush too hard or too infrequently or don’t get regular cleanings from their dental offices. Gums that are too far back can expose roots and make teeth more prone to decay. Veneers often can protect teeth, but a little gum reshaping might be required to complete the look. In some cases of gum recession, contouring isn’t enough and you might actually need gum grafting to extend the recessed tissue to a healthy and attractive degree.

Done without Veneers

Just as you can have veneers without gum contouring, you don’t need veneers to benefit from contouring. In fact, while you suspect you might need veneers to make your teeth more symmetrical and even, it’s possible contouring could actually do the job on its own. Gums that extend too much over teeth are rarely immediately obvious. A matter of shifting the gum several millimeters can turn what you think are misshapen and attractive teeth into a perfect smile.

Gum contouring can be done with or without veneersor veneers might be enough alone; schedule an appointment with a cosmetic specialist to see which is the case with your teeth. You might also benefit from crowns, teeth whitening, implants or bridges, depending on your individual issues. Most people only think of their teeth when looking to improve their smiles; be sure not to ignore the look and health of your gums when focusing on the appearance of your teeth as a whole.