I Wanted My Wife to Feel As Beautiful As I See Her Every Single Day

My wife would make due with whatever she could. I remember asking her about the different shampoo and conditioner I saw in the shower. She had used the same stuff since I met her. She said it was cheaper. I did not ask. Then I saw her trying some weird thing she bought to remove unwanted hair when she yelled out an “Ouch” when it pinched her. I asked what she was doing. She said it was cheaper. I know we are on a budget, but I scheduled her an appointment with Westwood dermatology and paid the fee in advance.

That is where she would go when any unwanted hair would show up. My wife is stunningly beautiful, but she calls the extra hair follicle here and there the price of having all the other stuff that most women want. Her hair on her head that she wants to keep is long and shiny like those women have in the shampoo commercials. She would always use the good stuff to maintain her looks. I felt bad about her corner cutting for us to stay on budget. I had a motorcycle I have had for years. I rarely rode it, but was just hanging onto it as a holdover from my youth. I sold it, and the extra money boosted our budget. Plus, no insurance or registration being needed on it got us back on budget for the things we need and want to do.

My wife cried and hugged me so tight when I sold the bike. I told her it is just what we do. You changed hair products and stopped visiting the dermatologist and so much more to keep us on budget. I told her I wanted her to do whatever it took to feel as beautiful as I see her every day. Then I told her that I should be the only one in the relationship that has a mustache, hairy legs and dull hair. Then she punched me in the arm and laughed.

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