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John Cena defeated Big Show

John Cena defeated Big Show at Judgment Day via pinfall. Here are some photos of the match.






John Cena poses with Chicago cuts outfielder Alfonso Soriano after defeating Big Show.

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19 Responses to “John Cena defeated Big Show”

  1. 1.shabbir khan:

    john cena finally did it. The Big Show deserves that shot from the Great John Cena.

  2. 2.adithyan:

    john cena rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. 3.machawe:

    time will come for the Big Show o da hell will break lose.

  4. 4.j.j.:

    John Cena is awesome

  5. 5.mms:

    john cena is the best and he needs to fight randy ortan for the wwe title because he deserves a shot and so he can whip ortans a*s

  6. 6.mms:

    you no what big show sicks i think that jimmy wang yang could beat him because big show sicks at ever thing


    U CAN’T C JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 8.connie:

    come on already—-give CENA a chance to get his title back. he deserves it back.

  9. 9.jason:

    John….aah!!! The champ has made bigshow to suck his own a*s.John cena always rocks.John is always the champ,whoever might be his opponent.bigshow was finally not able to c cena!!

  10. 10.jassi:

    rockkkkkkkkkkkingggggg cenaaaaaaaaaa

  11. 11.Steve:

    John cena is reallly great….. thala is the great….. I am a the big fan of john cena……

  12. 12.dhinesh:


  13. 13.............V.............:

    Hell ya!!!! That 2 tonne fat a*s Big Show got his ATTITUDE AJUSTED!!!!!! Its Ajusted but it isnt shut! CENA is gonna Shut it once an for all at EXTREME RULES!!!!!!!!! Cena did the Same To the great khali!!! He is the Baddest Son Of A B*tch in The WWE!!!!!

  14. 14.CONNIE:


  15. 15.john cena's heart:

    hmm john cena i love him i cant livewithout i m still waiting for that day wen i l meet him

  16. 16.john cena's heart:

    hi i m lover of john cena i cant livewithout him i m still waitin 4 that day wen i ll meet.i ll mrry him haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i m really thinkin abt ths

  17. 17.john cena's heart:

    hi i m lover ov john cena and cant live without him i m still waitin for that day wen i ll meet him and mrry him haaaaaaaa really i want to spend whole life with him i love u john cena

  18. 18.tyquinton:

    i am johncena biggest fan and no body cant see him . his time is now

  19. 19.shawn:

    What was big show thinkin

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