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John Cena vs Big Show

A day after “Over The Limit”, where Big Show caused John Cena to lose against John Laurinaitis, John Cena got a chance to settle the score. A match has been made official between John Cena and Big Show in a Steel Cage for “No Way Out”. If Big Show loses, Vince McMahon will fire Johnny Laurinaitis and If John Cena loses then he will be fired.

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29 Responses to “John Cena vs Big Show”

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  1. 1.the castle:

    big show u r a sucker
    cena will give u AA and beat the hell are u.

  2. 2.Hellraiser:

    Big show you are the biggest sucker , cena f**k u in no way out

  3. 3.Pankaj:

    big show u r bigest loser
    John cena kick ur a*s
    cm.Punk,randy orton,shemus
    kick on big show face
    John cena,cm.Punk,randy orton,shemus
    The best in wwe

  4. 4.RISHANT:

    Cena rocksss he will win and show suckss

  5. 5.Raja:

    Cena u will defeat big show’s show………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6.shalini chopra:

    cena is unique professional wrestler in the world, no 1 can touch him. no 1 can rise above him,all the wwe superstars fights against cena r going 2 suck and no doubt cena will win and always win,

  7. 7.aaditya:

    cena i know u can do it.

    if there will be sheamus in that fight as a referee then everyone will enjoy that much

  8. 8.m.Arun kumar:

    cena will fired

  9. 9.m.Arun kumar:

    Wwe super star johncena

  10. 10.SHAHRIAR:

    john cena will win

  11. 11.chirag:

    big show that giant, looser will lose.john cena kick big shows a*s.one aa match is over

  12. 12.Firoz qureshi:

    Cena win will

  13. 13.cenation:

    Cena will win by aa to big show and b s will be fired

  14. 14.manish:

    Big show will be badly beaten up by cena and cena win the match by adjusting attitude on show

  15. 15.Gaurav Manjwani:

    The big sell out john cena will give you a punch on no way out.

  16. 16.Nilesh:

    cena will win the match

  17. 17.rapaka rossikiran:

    johncena will kick u bigshow

  18. 18.Ebuka ire:

    John cene wil win Big show and Big show u are f**k

  19. 19.Sanda:

    John cena ,,,,,, I’m sure that u can do it,
    gud luck! :D
    u never give up <3

  20. 20.Guillaume:

    Fed up with this Cena here! Go Big Show, it is a credit to your name

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