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John Cena vs CM Punk

John Cena vs CM Punk (Special Guest Referee Triple-H)

John Cena will face CM Punk in a WWE Champion vs WWE Champion match to crown one undisputed WWE champion with special guest referee Triple-H at “Summerslam”.

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66 Responses to “John Cena vs CM Punk”

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    cena is the only one real camp.. So he win…

  2. 2.sahil:

    cm punk in the biggest looser in the wwe.i hate punk and cena u must win love u

  3. 3.yash:


  4. 4.jeff:

    so CM PUNK will win this match

  5. 5.jig:

    punk will kiss cenas a*s..

  6. 6.Vadivel:

    Two champions fighting.with one champion win.but …..who will be the one?

  7. 7.LEE:

    I think WWE Champion John Cena will win this match because he has the words “HUSTLE ,LOYALTY ,RESPECT” and importantly THE CHAMP IS HERE.

  8. 8.Krishna:

    punk is going to win the undistuputed wwe championship at summer slam cena is going lloossee

  9. 9.sin fardeen:

    THE winner is John CENA.. and of course the loser is the punky.

  10. 10.Rejo:

    Never give UP

  11. 11.Binod:

    I think cena is win this match ,he is the champion

  12. 12.shan:

    Ya, great.
    PUNK is back and will make cena to kiss his a**

  13. 13.Afsal:

    Cena will beat cm sucks

  14. 14.The Viper's Daughter:

    John Cena will win. Because he is the only true champ. he’ll never give up. I got four words to say to john cena “THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!”

  15. 15.champ:

    jeff,krishna and shawn are senseless. u can n’t c me.

  16. 16.umesh:

    Nobody will cross CENATION ! PUNK you are still young to take CENA DOWN !


    THE CHAMP IS HERE and that is


  17. 17.Kavin:

    The cm will get the kick in his a*s by john cena

  18. 18.Arpit:

    Wwe carries on the shoulder of the champ cena.when cena bend his shoulder wwe will surely destroy.

  19. 19.Arpit:

    Wwe carries on the shoulder of the champ cena.

  20. 20.john cena's son:

    John cena is the champ!!!!!!!!!!!!

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