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John Cena vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Edge

John Cena vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Edge

WWE Champion John Cena will defend his title against Randy Orton, Sheamus and Edge in a Fatal Four-Way match at upcoming PPV “Fatal Four-Way.

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21 Responses to “John Cena vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Edge”

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  1. 1.Aamir:

    john cena has not giving attitude…

  2. 2.The Viper:

    Randy orton the young man kill them all

  3. 3.vasfije:

    john cena you are the strongest

  4. 4.Shoeb:

    Sheamus suxx edge suxx randy suxx john cene give them all an attitude adjustment

  5. 5.The Game:

    John cena will retain his title at ftl4way..

  6. 6.blah blah:

    as long as the jar of mayonase with ketchup on top and edge dont win everything is all right. BUT… i REALLY REALLY want JOHN CENA 2 WIN. randy is kool but john cena is the best.

  7. 7.arjun dabas don:


    u vl defntly win n v ol luv u lot…..
    arjun. frm india

  8. 8.arjun dabas don:

    hii… john cena

    u will surely win dude…..

    u want some
    get some

    its arjun frm india

  9. 9.arjun dabas:

    john cena u will definatly win.
    from arjun in india

  10. 10.HHH:

    Hey HHH I luv you man. I mis u so…………………..much for fatal 4way. Comeon return.

  11. 11.The Game:

    Hey HHH come back ya we miss u… I wanna hear…….. TIME TO PLAY THE GAME

  12. 12.mathews:

    Edge will spear john cena,seamusand randy orton down and win.

  13. 13.mathews:

    Edge will spear John Cena,Seamus and Randy orton and bring take them down.

  14. 14.k.s.ashok:

    john cena is a real champion no one cannot beat him. cena is not a single man he is an single man army&he don’t know the fear,he will win the match.

  15. 15.ashok:

    the championchip is only for cena i promis he will beat the Edge,orten,sheamus.

  16. 16.The Game:

    Its not a spear man…
    Its time to attitude adjectment.
    Niraj frm India.

  17. 17.Likhon from BD:

    Randy Orton must be win fatal4way match…. Jone Cina’s day is over…

  18. 18.soxmantau:

    a man without fear, respect an opportunist will be a 10 time champion

  19. 19.Nazmus Sakib:

    john cena sux sheamus is a nub edge cant even fight only randy is the best hell win

  20. 20.Fasal:

    Hey +HHH+ i love you machi so please da machi you come back please please please man please man you on next show you at wwechampionship

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