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John Cena vs Ryback


WWE Champion John Cena will defend his title against Ryback in a Three Stages of Hell match at upcoming PPV “Payback”.
Stage 1: Lumberjack Match.
Stage 2: Tables Match.
Stage 3: Ambulance Match.

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15 Responses to “John Cena vs Ryback”

  1. 1.Deepak John:

    John Cena will win..

  2. 2.Dinesh:

    Champ is Cena..

  3. 3.Arvind Cenation:

    This time Ryback will pay in Ambulance

  4. 4.Suphian123:

    Yep Ryback is gonna take a ride in the ambulance.. John cena the champ is here..

  5. 5.Suphian123:

    Stage 1: Lumberjack match winner: John Cena.
    Stage 2: Tables match winner: Ryback.
    Stage 3: Ambulance match winner: John Cena.

  6. 6.Rishant:

    Stage 1: Ryback will lose.
    Stage 2: Ryback goes through a table.
    Stage 3: Ryback takes a ride in Ambulance.
    Result: John Cena wins!!
    Cena Rocks!!

  7. 7.Rithwik:

    Stage 1: John cena will win.
    Stage 2: Ryback let john cena down on the table.
    Stage 3: John Cena would make a ride to Ryback in an ambulance.
    John Cena is still WWE Champ.

  8. 8.Ashish:

    Can anyone explain me what is this 3 stage match means.

  9. 9.Yash:

    Stage1: Cena wins.
    Stage2: Cena wins
    Stage3: Cena wins
    At payback Cena rules.

  10. 10.Suphian123:

    3 stage match is you have to win 2 falls out of three.
    The only stage that matters is the 3rd that’s the one where somebody gets the hell beat out of them you throw there lifeless body in the ambulance and close both doors you do that when the match and the title it’s that simple

  11. 11.Suphian123:

    John Cena is walking out of Payback still WWE champ.

  12. 12.Neelesh:

    Stage 1: cena will win Stage 2: ryback will make cena go through a table.
    Stage 3: no one will predict who’s gonna win this match until the ppv knocks to the tv screen.

  13. 13.Hemchandru:

    If John Cena losses..
    He have to leave the WWE.

  14. 14.WWE Fan:

    No RyBack Rulez,Cena Time is NOW!

  15. 15.L.Poomalai:

    Cena champion..
    (1) win.
    (2) win.
    (3) win.

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