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Kane defeated The Undertaker

Kane defeated The Undertaker in Buried Alive Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Kane is still our World Heavyweight Champion.

Kane defeated The Undertaker

Kane defeated The Undertaker1

Kane defeated The Undertaker2

Kane defeated The Undertaker3

Kane defeated The Undertaker4

Kane defeated The Undertaker5

Kane defeated The Undertaker6

Kane defeated The Undertaker7

Kane defeated The Undertaker8

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9 Responses to “Kane defeated The Undertaker”

  1. 1.Abhijit Joseph:

    Why the Nexus interfered the match..???
    this shows kane is a cheat.

  2. 2.HHH:

    kane is a loser.

  3. 3.aayush:

    oh man the undertaker disappointed the wwe universe. f*ck you nexus!!

  4. 4.max:

    undertaker you rock

  5. 5.Dabas:

    Nexussssss is f**k by Undertaker as well as John cena.

  6. 6.harshit:

    kaneis a looooooooserrrrr!

  7. 7.Israel ''The WWE's #1 Fan'':

    KANE WILL BURN IN HELL!!! The Undertaker Will Have Veageance!

  8. 8.zykes:

    f*ck nexus & kane….

  9. 9.Alex:

    f*ck Nexus stupid dogs!!!!!!
    This was brothers fight!! What f*ck they did???

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