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Kane vs Boogeyman

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17 Responses to “Kane vs Boogeyman”

  1. 1.alyssa:

    thats cool kane and boogeyman!

  2. 2.noel:

    Kane be@t the b00geym@n!!!!!!!!1

  3. 3.efe:


  4. 4.austin royston:

    kane choke slam the boogyman!

  5. 5.Alwyndsouza:

    Kane is handsum

  6. 6.manish:

    bogeyman,,,,, dirty..

  7. 7.tygirrobinson:

    I hope boogeyman win and kane looses

  8. 8.anayelysmartinez:

    you are ugly and disckusting

  9. 9.IDRIS:


  10. 10.Angele:

    Boogey man in dirty but he’s awesome! Bring back the BOOGEY MAN!!!!

  11. 11.stanley:

    boogey man is great i wish boogey man faces kane and undertaker and it will be triple treath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 12.joebobfred:

    boogey man is funny and cool

  13. 13.snookie:

    the boogey man scares meh

  14. 14.joy deep:

    kane is always the best wrestler ever…. ihe wwe……… he is the legend of wwe……these brothers of destructions…. will survive……… in wwe………………

  15. 15.jenisha:

    kane looks the good when comparied to that dirty boogey man

  16. 16.fadhil:


  17. 17.John:

    Kane will win because he will choke slam boogie man ive saw this before!

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