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Kane vs The Undertaker (Buried Alive Match)

Kane vs The Undertaker

World Heavyweight Champion Kane will defend his title against The Undertaker in a Buried Alive match at the upcoming pay-per-view, “Bragging Rights”.

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11 Responses to “Kane vs The Undertaker (Buried Alive Match)”

  1. 1.Dabas:

    Plzz taker this is your last opportunity to beat the Kane. plz taker take Kane to Restt in piece

  2. 2.lousie tracy:

    we all no whos gonna win this 1 the UNDERTAKER HAHAHA

  3. 3.DABAS:

    can any one tell me the meaning of buried alive match.

  4. 4.dreshaun mallory:

    kane might win

  5. 5.Willie Mosley:

    Kane sucks

  6. 6.ali:

    the buried alive match under win kane loser

  7. 7.chris:

    kane will dominate you taker
    taker sucks

  8. 8.Salim:

    Undertaker you will win the world championship and kane will rest in piece

  9. 9.Eddie:

    This is the end of the undertaker! He lost to kane three in a row. What’s up with that Vince?

  10. 10.sundar:

    Kane vs Undertaker Burried Alive full video in 2010

  11. 11.hovado:

    you people are stupid and pathetic… you didnt get wwe is scripted and taker cannot win because health problems? :D btw taker looses :D

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