Light Activities For Pregnant Women

If you are a young mother, pregnancy is a time that is very pleasant for you, especially for those of you who just experienced their first pregnancy. Sometimes pregnant women are concerned with the activities carried out in everyday life, especially early in the pregnancy. Many pregnant women are concerned with the fetus in early pregnancy. If one moves you will do activities that harm the fetus and can be fatal.

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You can perform active activity in early pregnancy so that you are able to adapt to changes in the body and weight gain. Physical activity in accordance with the expectant mother can do, such as walking, yoga and others. It would be a good idea to consult with your doctor when it will make Activities (sport). However doctors know the history of your pregnancy so more easily determine the sport adapted to the circumstances and your pregnancy.

It is important to remember that exercise is very beneficial to you is no exception in pregnant women. To optimize results Sports Activities recommended for pregnant women is as follows:


You only need a mat to cushion your seat so you do not come into contact with the floor, use a mattress that is comfortable for you occupy. Take sitting cross-legged position by positioning the right hand and the left hand on the side of your body like doing yoga, straighten your elbows and palms so flat on the floor. Adjust your breath repeatedly. After that you can add activities to raise both hands from the side of the body to the head and attract breath. Turn your hand slowly toward the front of the body.


You can do this activity with a lie so that both feet rested against the wall. Position your hands at your sides with palms facing up body. Relax and close your eyes, breathe slowly.

Lying Sideways

Place your right knee on the left knee forward and backward position. You can use the help of a pillow. By positioning the body tilted to the side with bent knees and two arms that will help you calm the mind.

Lying Supine

Position your body while holding the two knee with both hands. You can open your mouth so it gives you a chance to catch his breath. Activities weight down and to the front you can collaborate with the count adjusted to your energy.


Fours with the position of the elbows straight, point your views forward with head lifted and your back parallel. Inhale slowly bend back toward the inside, then inhale back slowly while back straighten his back to the original position. Perform this activity is repeated in the count.

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