Medical Insurance For Dummies

While I can’t claim to supply any solutions, I do know insurance is a scam. The way to make it work is to force individuals who are young and wholesome to purchase insurance coverage. Plainly, by making those that don’t want it purchase it there is money to spread around. A scam.

I am not speaking about compassion. I am speaking about FREE healthcare, why some are allowed it while others will not be. I am a tax paying citizen but I am not allowed free health care if I ever had been pregnant they’d send me a invoice until the day I died however other non-citizens are by no means accountable for their medical costs ever and to me that isn’t honest. I’m not saying don’t assist others I’m saying charge them too simply as they might anybody else or give us (those who cannot afford health insurance coverage) Free treatment too. That is all I’m saying.

I used to be misinformed slightly when I was arranging my French insurance coverage as I was instructed that more than 2 accidents in the final three years would imply I could not be capable of get insurance coverage (I really had three accidents, but I don’t need to talk about that), this proved to be dangerous advice, as I later discovered no problem supplied you speak to the fitting firms. What was true for me nonetheless was that they didn’t honour my no claims protection insurance coverage I had in the UK, principally they said an accident is an accident and rated me accordingly, ouch!!!!

The current US paid for Well being Insurance coverage system is a disaster and yet it will look good compared to having it nationalized. In essence, the well being insurance corporations apply drugs with no license. They with-maintain test and procedures of their insurers. That should be the responsibility of the doctor and not the insurance company.

I spoke with one of the girls who had asked about mandatory finish-of-life counseling. She said she knew the counseling was mandatory because ‘it is in the invoice.’ But she hadn’t read the bill. She was reading from a memo posted on the website fo the Liberty Counsel, a Christian law agency and advocacy groupl and associated to Jerry Falwe”’s Liberty University in Virginia.

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