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Raj Kumar Profile

Raj Kumar

What’s your full name?
Ans: Raj Kumar Naicker.

What’s your Email?
Ans: rajkumarnaicker@yahoo.co.in

Where do you live?
Ans: Ahmedabad, India.

Who is your favorite WWE Superstar?
Ans: One and only John Cena.

Who is your favorite favorite WWE Diva?
Ans: Maryse.

Which one do you like best? WWE or TNA?
Ans: WWE.

Who is your favorite Actor?
Ans: Suriya.

Who is your favorite Actress?
Ans: Asin.

What’s your favorite movie?
Ans: 2012.

Are you married?
Ans: No, I am unmarried.

Have you ever been on TV?
Ans: No, Never.

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12 Responses to “Raj Kumar Profile”


    How can i make my own profile?

  2. 2.vinay:

    no these is not fair i like maryse,i am the big fan of maryse

  3. 3.chelsey:

    you love me

  4. 4.lazy town:

    Take care

  5. 5.lakshra:

    r u a tamilian??

  6. 6.rajkumar:

    Yes. Ofcourse i am a tamilan

  7. 7.tamilselvan:

    hai tamila.

  8. 8.JaiPal:

    how r you

  9. 9.JaiPal:

    hello rajkumar

  10. 10.Asif:

    hi……..Mr.raj kumar

    batista is better than john cena.

  11. 11.Bhabani WWE:

    Hey dis is bhabani, from odisha, india. Great. And congrat for complete 1000 submits. Great ur awesome.
    Vibhuti also wants to be number 1. I am on fb. http://www.facebook.com/indianwwe

  12. 12.Sanket:

    No batista no cena ! I am the best in the world

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