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Shawn Michael with his wife


Shawn Michael with his wife.

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8 Responses to “Shawn Michael with his wife”

  1. 1.Mrs.Michaels:

    HE’S MINE NOT YOURZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2.ria:

    hey!!!! i 2 have the same doggy my cutey little browny wanna see it????

  3. 3.stranger:

    hi shawn wrestle fake? if its fake then i hate you

  4. 4.qumaluk:

    sorry i had to tell you nicely is it fake im 9 years old bye

  5. 5.quamluk:

    my berthday is in aprle 26 can you tell the hole world? haha jk bye

  6. 6.jeff little:

    shawn u will be missed

  7. 7.sanid:

    bro ,plz come back screw the a*s of undertaker .come back bro .withou u WWE will not be the same

  8. 8.anant`:

    hey shown you looking sexy…!! you are one of best couple in u.s.a love you…!!

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