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Sheamus with his Girlfriend

Sheamus & His Girlfriend

This picture was submitted by sricena.

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28 Responses to “Sheamus with his Girlfriend”

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  1. 1.hanawwe:

    OH MY GOD ! sh’s not beautiful at all

  2. 2.jvkv:

    yes she is not beutiful at all sheamus you have a bad taste

  3. 3.mohamed:

    ohhh Sheamus u r beautiful more than ur girl friend

  4. 4.Meena :*:

    Sheamus Sheamus Sheamus….i love you soo much but after seeing ur ugly girlfriend i relised that u r not as hot as i see u shes as ugly as u the old me would never say that but u disspointed me by picking an ugly girl im a 10000 hotter and u dont deserve me Mwah :*

  5. 5.Anonymous:

    sheamus girl friend is very ugly.

  6. 6.Rachael:

    wow, Ya’ll are mean. Just because she’s not up to your standards doesn’t mean you have to dislike her.

    I love Sheamus. He’s the sexiest red head I’ve ever seen. and I love his accent.

  7. 7.lizeth:

    She is very ugly, MARRY ME SHEAMUS, I LOVE YOU!!!!

  8. 8.HAH:


    WOW she is lucky ,

    wish the best to our fella , ~

  9. 9.Ben:

    Luck Sheamus lucky girlfriend

  10. 10.Flor the true bride of Sheamus:

    i agree with all of you guys, she is ugly, and sheamus is very hot.

  11. 11.Kati Kat:

    I Don’t Think His GF Is Pretty, But She Sure As Hell Isn’t Ugly. <3 Love Ya Sheamus.

  12. 12.Krista Walker:

    sheamus doesn’t have a girlfriend. He said in an interview that is his friend and she is in a relationship and it’s not him. On his marital status it’s single. he said he don’t have a facebook or twitter and isn’t interested in having one

  13. 13.Krista Walker:

    Sheamus said simply he likes the single life better and more focused on his career and don’t have time for a girlfriend.

  14. 14.Jenna:

    She isn’t ugly but she ain’t Kelly Kelly either ya know.. I Love You Sheamus and I wish u the best with ur girlfriend.. But if u 2 ever split up give me a call

  15. 15.Hannah:

    Btw, I am Sheamus’s daughter & I’m back!!!!!! So, both of them
    r meh parentz. Her name iz Amanda & shez a gr8 mother 2 me. Thank u 2 da ppl dat r nice bout her

  16. 16.Uyai:

    I lv sheamus ,dnt care if he has a girlfrnd dat’s ugly. He’s a big guy. Keep it up sheamus

  17. 17.Gift matthew:

    Sheamus i luv u n i wish u d best. Good luck

  18. 18.zoe:

    SHEAMUS you r the hottest sexiest guy EVER (nh) but u can do WAYYYY better

  19. 19.nicole labto:

    ..love her..

  20. 20.shadi:

    so horrible! who is she really? poor sheamus. he couldn’t find better girlfriend in this age.!

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