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Sricena Profile

What’s your full name?
Ans: Sri Senathiraj.

Where do you live?
Ans: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

What’s your dream job?
Ans: Senior Electrical Engineer.

Who is your favorite WWE Superstar?
Ans: The Undertaker.

Who is your favorite favorite WWE Diva?
Ans: All the divas are preferable.

Which one do you like best? WWE or TNA?
Ans: WWE.

Who is your favorite Actor?
Ans: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Who is your favorite Actress?
Ans: All the actress are preferable.

What’s your favorite movie?
Ans: Terminator 2.

Are you married?
Ans: No, still single.

Have you ever been on TV?
Ans: No.

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11 Responses to “Sricena Profile”

  1. 1.Nikul:

    Sri Senathiraj i know your knowledge about WWE is better than me… So please tell me something about when Batista & Triple h will return and what is wwe’s planing about Wrestlemania 27 matches? Please reply me on “nikulchudasama619@gmail.com”

  2. 2.sricena:

    Thr is no any news about Batista returning to WWE right now since he is in MMA currently, but he said in a recent interview tht he will definitely come back to the WWE maybe if his contract with MMA is done…! Well for HHH, he is said to make his return at Wrestlemania 27! Whn comes to Wrestlemania, The Undertaker is difinitely the main person behind wrestlemania…so his opponent at Wrestlemania 27 could be Wade Barrett, John Cena or Sheamus! Recently thr is also a rumoured going on the Brock Lesnar might be facing the Undertaker at wrestlemania 27…-) But its not confirm yet…so lets wait & see wht happens..! Plans can be changed any time…!

  3. 3.paventhan:

    hai sricena i want to see your photo.. pls send it on my email id pls… by paventhan

  4. 4.vibhuti:

    hey sri how can i make my profile on wrestling valley. reply me on pvibhuti123@gmail.com. from where do you get classic pics of wrestlers.

  5. 5.vibhuti:

    sorry i put one thing wrong its pvibhuti123@rediffmail.com

  6. 6.karthi:

    i am also under taker fan

  7. 7.sricena:

    Hi Vibhuti….:)
    U have to log in to the wrestlingvalley forum to make ur own profile…..!

  8. 8.Vibhuti:

    are you indian

  9. 9.sricena:

    Yeah vibhuti I’m an Indian….

  10. 10.sricena:

    Yeah Vibhuti my native is Indian….:)

  11. 11.Mohammad Murtaza:

    I am the best Wrestler than The Undertaker.
    I love you Taker.

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