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Airport Security and Global Entry

When people wish to enter a new place, one of the entry points is an airport and this is where a lot of people converge. There are people who are entering the country and others are leaving it and these people come from different cultural backgrounds with different concerns. IF airport operators are able to define how people behave then the traffic in airport can be smoother. Airport designer, then, as tasked to provide utilities in the airport to accommodate the needs of these travelers so that their travel experience will be a pleasant one. Travelling, no matter how many times you have done it already, always carry with it some elements of surprises or alarms, and you always find yourself being in a tense or hostile mood.

One of the main involvement of an airport operator is security, and this includes not only insuring the welfare of the facility itself, the risk of diseases that can well contaminate the city or its own place, or the risk of smuggled goods and contraband entries., but more recently, the risk that has been instigated by terroristic hijackers or attackers

Well, at least by now you already have an idea of what goes on in the mind of the people behind “airport travel”.
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The airport operators and the aviation industry are at lugger-heads with each other because of their difference in focus and while airport operators focus on risks in the airport, the aviation industry focus more on giving their travelers great expectations and confidence. All travelers for that matter are caught up in between because while they are enjoying the benefits of travel, every passenger has the sense of anxiety over the risks that can happen. But if you like to beat the system, there is a way to do that. This is through the expedited clearance that pre-approved, low-risk travelers get upon enrollment from the US Customs and Border Protection services.
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What you need to do is simply to apply and undergo a complete background check using their criminal, customs, immigration, law enforcement, and terrorist database, plus a ten-fingerprint law enforcement check and a personal interview with the custom and border protection officer. The total enrollment fee is $122.25 and SENTRI (secure electronic network for traveler’s rapid inspection) status is valid for 5 years. As a global entry member, your major benefit is being pre-approved to enter the U.S. from a variety of entry points without having to go through the normal lines. No papers are needed to be shown since it is all taken care of electronically. All you information are already in their database.

This has since slowly been expanding to other countries that has a similar program and you are also given eligibility to skip normal airport security lines and save even more time while traveling.

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