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Wallpaper of The Miz

Wallpaper of The Miz

This picture was submitted by sin fardeen.

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7 Responses to “Wallpaper of The Miz”

  1. 1.Abba tor:

    U re awesome miz be miz

  2. 2.angelina:

    MIZ u are one of my bigest fan
    i hope u can be still be the wwe champ
    u are a roll model to me and my brother
    and this to I”M THE MIZ AND I”M AWESOME!
    oh and my name is AngelinaL;)

  3. 3.meso:

    miz iam your biggest fan +iloove u + u r awesome

  4. 4.meso:

    i Love u miz more than any one {beee miz for ever} thank u ,you are sooo cute

  5. 5.meso:

    miz for ever(your biggest fan) ! meso u r handsome

  6. 6.meso:

    you are the biggest superstar in my eyes and your the most must see champion in history (i love u so much) from meso

  7. 7.daniela galingan:

    you’re so hot and hansome

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