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WWE Nexus

WWE Nexus

This picture was submitted by rajkumar.

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14 Responses to “WWE Nexus”

  1. 1.cena baby:

    i can not stand yall i liked yall intill u did john cena n john morrison like that so sluse ya lose


    nxt sucks

  3. 3.Dedric:

    All of you nexus are going to face pain for pay back and theres
    no escape from it and it comes back to you
    All of you

  4. 4.Mr faithful:

    I love wad the nexus r doing they r cool man ! but disappointing tat de www 201 game does not include them ……

  5. 5.Dayno:

    yay im another fanboy that can’t spell, oh no! cena’s getting hurt!! Seriously, the Nexus is one of the few good angle’s to happen on raw in a long time, hopefully wwe will either reveal who’s behind them soon or turn cena because, as good as it’s been, there’s a point where it starts getting old and need something new to spice them up again and solidify them with some direction.

  6. 6.jose garcia:

    I think the nexus are the real deal they may be young but I think but some of you mite not agree.I think there rain of terror will come to an end.or they could become unstopoble.Ever since the nexus stard on raw raw has become boring so until they do somthing about them its never going to be intresting.

  7. 7.jose garcia:

    I think the nexus are the real deal.

  8. 8.Chaos:

    I agree that The Nexus sucks and Dayno you should know who is behind them because they are from NXT they all lost except Wade Barrett, and like i said i HATE Nexus but for some reason i WANT the shirt and the armband the shirt is $20 at WWEShop.com and the Armband is $9 so in total i should be paying 30 dollars for it all.Disturbed1

  9. 9.Chaos:

    oops i didn’t mean to put Disturbed1 in my last comment…gosh i’m embarrassed.

  10. 10.Sulav Basnet:

    The NEXUS is History.

  11. 11.Dedric:

    You nexus are going to face the consequences of pain and its not funny nexus your going to pay

  12. 12.mate:

    hey where’s the rest of them ay
    I think Nexuas needs to pay for what they did to everyone ay
    NEXUS YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha……………………..>:]

  13. 13.john barret:

    booooo…..nexus sucks……!!!!

  14. 14.me:

    I dont like nexus but i do like Justin Gabriel

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