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The Rock vs John Cena

The Rock vs John Cena

This picture was submitted by Vibhuti.

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20 Responses to “The Rock vs John Cena”

  1. 1.dany:


  2. 2.FRANCO:

    Cena done with Eve
    Cena is ready for wrestlemania 28

  3. 3.Atharav:

    this wrestle mania rock vs john cena in this match the rock will win this wrestle mania 28, the rock will win this MIAMI.

  4. 4.Arijeet:

    WM28 rslt in advance- cena defeatd the rock by pinfall..!

  5. 5.deepak:


  6. 6.Ankur:

    Cena just beat the rock at wrestle-mania. and i think rock is more confidential in his real lifetime experience. because the rock is the people champ. you are the new generation of wwe and its all because Dwayne Johnson time is over and your time is now.

  7. 7.Soojah:

    Cena sucks get out cena!rock is the best

  8. 8.wasim shaikh:

    rock is back!

  9. 9.sohail karadi:

    rock will be finished off! cenation…………

  10. 10.Anonymous:

    Listen to all rock fans remember when rocky wasn’t here you guys always chanted “JOHN CENA” I was a rock fan but when he left I knew that I wouldn’t see him so I saw John Cena I knew that even if I saw Rocky John Cena will still be my hero so I believe Rock sucks.. I don’t care about his history class

  11. 11.JASMINE:


  12. 12.Anonymous:

    The rocks the best. . U all cena fans. . F**k cena. Do u even knw bout the rock??? He’s more popular,stronger,talented,good lookin n everythng ahead of cena. . .wen he stard fi8ing cena ws nly in high school. . . . .n he’s the rocks fan. . .U shld learn sm respect 4 the gr8 1!!!!. U cn’t compare the standard of u n THE ROCK!!!NO 1 HAS EVER BEEN LYK THE ROCK. . .he beat legends lyk stone cold,brock lesnar,hulk hogan,undertaker n who in the blue hell r u???cena u ain’t even a piece of s**t in front of the brownie beating trail blazing eye brow raising the mst electrifying man in all of sports entertainment The ROCK. . . . .so please get out of wwe. . .rock is a hall of famer,he’s the best. .U R JST A NEW CMR N OVERSMART. . . I hate u cena n we all hate u always remember it. .

  13. 13.Chris:

    Rock suck cenation is stil d man no matter wat hapn cena4 life i hate rock wit passion smbody say rock win taker when was dat?

  14. 14.Muhammed Arkam:

    The Rock proved he is 100 times better than sucker cena.

  15. 15.Wwe lover:

    To anonymous,
    you can’t condemn anyone’s character. You must ashame about yourself.

  16. 16.ashok dangi:

    i love u the rock n cena both but rock rocksssss ….jatt

  17. 17.the BEST in the WORLD:


  18. 18.Maanya Patel:

    The Rock lost to Chris Jericho what will he beat John Cena

  19. 19.Garry:

    Cena will win.

  20. 20.LT:

    John you can do it

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