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The Undertaker Biography


The Undertaker Bio

One of the most recognizable and most popular stars in the WWE galaxy, The Undertaker has been called terrifying and notorious. Those who understand professional wrestling and the show-business nature of the industry know that the man who is presented as being “from Death Valley” can also be called successful.

In “real” life, The Undertake is Mark William Calaway. Born in Houston, Texas in 1965, Calaway has grown from an infant to become a 6’10” mountain of a man, moving his 300-pound frame around the ring for a quarter of a century. He has been an active performer in World Class Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and the World Wrestling Federation – now World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

In his long wrestling career, The Undertaker has relied on some signature tactics with appropriate names like the Deadman. His matches have been billed as the Buried Alive match, Last Ride match and of course, Hell in a Cell. He has worked with Kane as a team called the Brothers of Destruction. Records of his professional career show that he is undefeated in WrestleMania and holds multiple championship titles, including: eight world championships, four WWF/WWE championships and three World Heavyweight championships. His record includes numerous tag-team titles as well.

The Undertaker

The Undertaker’s Old Look.


For The Undertaker, appearance counts as much as anything he does as an athlete and professional wrestling performer. His physical stature and his glaring look have made him one of the most feared opponents in the ring. The signature gong that announces his entrance sets the tone for what follows. He has combined this terrifying atmosphere with remarkable athletic ability to become one of the greatest in professional wrestling history.

He has contributed to his frightening persona with mysterious “disappearances” that kept him out of the public eye for months at a time. He has always returned, sometimes to employ his original Tombstone Piledriver. He survived a match that may have ended his undefeated streak when he used this signature move twice to get the best of HBK.

The Undertaker toiled in relative obscurity for the first five years of his career, though followers of World Class Championship Wrestling and the Continental Wrestling Association knew of him from 1984 to about 1989. He “broke out” with a United States Wrestling Association championship victory over Jerry “The King” Lawler in April 1989. At the time he was billed as the Master of Pain.

His conquests in the ring include victories over such notable opponents as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Randy Orton and many others. He is remembered by avid fans as the first to escape from the “vise grip” of The Great Khali (7’3” and 420 pounds). In the past he has been known in the ring as “Mean” Mark Callous, Master of Pain, The Punisher and good old Texas Red. He now lives in Austin, Texas.

The man who modeled his persona after an Old West mortician (long coat, hat and gloves) has an honest, future claim on a spot in the wrestling Hall of Fame.

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  1. 1.sricena:

    undertaker is one of the lifetime wrestler today…no one can take his position!

  2. 2.terence:

    you are the best

  3. 3.Darkestein:

    i think His old look was very good.i hope to see him the winner at wrestlemania 27.

  4. 4.john bragg:

    you are a good guy and i am a big fan

  5. 5.daniel kazana:

    Undertaker is cool, my man is very high in wrestling,

  6. 6.sonu:

    Undertaker is god of wrestling , he is no1 and will be.

  7. 7.Baba:

    undertaker is my favorite wrestler.pls come back with your attitude .you are a best..

  8. 8.Nitin:

    undertaker is my god

  9. 9.Nitin:

    plz come nanded (maharatra)

  10. 10.seana:

    Congrads Undertaker on defeating Triple H, and becoming 19-0!! Also, hope you get better soon as it appeared you suffered some head and neck injury during the match. Being a native Texan (born and raised in Houston ) I am indeed a huge fan, and enjoy watching you perform. You will be sorely missed when you do retire and leave the WWE Universe with nobody to quince our thirst for wrestling but.. Santino and The Core. Until you go into the Halls of Fame after retirement, I am so tuning in to see The Dead Man do his thing….NO GRAVE CAN HOLD YOUR BODY DOWN!!!!

  11. 11.mapuranga owen:

    At first, i thought the UNDERTAKER IS A TALISMAN AND IS DEAD ALIVE .he always win his matches mysteriously.I utterly come up with a question is the UNDERTAKER married to any one if so,is his wife not in trouble.I wish to see him face to face a certain day

  12. 12.mary:

    i luv ur personality n u i am ur g8test fan.

  13. 13.nagarjunan,india:

    dead man walk in india?

  14. 14.shatwik .v.singh:

    i love your all the tricks of winning the game .i hope you should be like this forever.

  15. 15.shatwik .v.singh:

    i love uuuuuuuu

  16. 16.akhand pratap:

    i luv ur moves & style.

  17. 17.Binay:

    I am your fan. I like your moves. your way of fighting.

    Your look, your personalty, your tricks to win the game.

  18. 18.Tanny:

    your the Man undertaker im your number one fan i even have a room full of undertaker and on my phone its all about undertaker your the man.

  19. 19.Phenom;India:

    Undertaker the Dead man I Am Your Greatest Fan I Want To Meet You In India. Being An Indian Inspite Of Great Khali I Like You The Most I Have Seen Your All Wrestlemania Matches From 7 To 27 And What A Great Streak It Is. My Mobile Is Filled With You The Undertaker. Undertaker You Are Role Model I Want To Be The Next Phenom Of WWE. I Want To Ask You Why You Didn’t Fight In Wrestlemania 10 and 16 I Truly Believe If You Had A Match in Those Stages Now Your Streak Would Be 21-0. I Want To See You For A Long And You Willn’t Retire Soon. So We All Of Your Fan Can Enjoy True Wrestling. Get Well Soon The Undertaker The Hero Of Heroes Of All Time.

  20. 20.ashok:

    we love u_indian

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