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Triple H and CM Punk

Triple H and CM Punk at the Royal Rumble 2010

Triple H and CM Punk at the Royal Rumble 2010.

This picture was submitted by Jaleel Jarrett.

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13 Responses to “Triple H and CM Punk”

  1. 1.vinay:

    what a difference !!!!!!!

  2. 2.dx hardys forever:

    punk totally sucks

  3. 3.mannu:

    pun lkng coooooooooooool..n hhh is haaaa..bloody fu*%$#r

  4. 4.Deadman:

    Punk SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 5.ryan reed:

    punk is awsome

  6. 6.Triple HBK:

    EAT him HHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7.zack:

    punk got his @ss kick in the royal rumble

  8. 8.triple h:

    triple h rocks

  9. 9.dead:

    triple h u rock and u would beat cm punk

  10. 10.lavar:

    hhh is going to rock the house and write back

  11. 11.Rajabal:

    Tripleh come back for his 2011 royal rumble please..

  12. 12.Rajabal:

    Triple h 15 time world champion

  13. 13.HHH:

    I will return on a rr

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