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Vibhuti’s Profile


What’s your full name?
Ans: Vibhuti Anand.

What’s your Email?
Ans: saurabhshreyansh5@gmail.com

Where do you live?
Ans: Anpara, India.

What’s your dream job?
Ans: Computer Game Developer/Analyst.

Who is your favorite WWE Superstar?
Ans: The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels.

Who is your favorite favorite WWE Diva?
Ans: Kelly Kelly

Which one do you like best? WWE or TNA?
Ans: Now a days TNA is more hardcore. But I like WWE.

Who is your favorite Actor?
Ans: Pierce Brosnan.

Who is your favorite Actress?
Ans: Angelina Jolie.

What’s your favorite movie?
Ans: Die Another Day.

Are you married?
Ans: No, still single. I am a student of class 9th.:)

Have you ever been on TV?
Ans: No.

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6 Responses to “Vibhuti’s Profile”

  1. 1.Vibhuti:

    it feels good to be here

  2. 2.Bhabani WWE:


  3. 3.krishna:


  4. 4.Ramu yadav beenaveni:

    Congratulations you reach 1000 above submits.

  5. 5.Raj kumar:

    waah you have uploaded the pic.

  6. 6.Dileep Mishra:

    Hi Vibhuti. I read your profile. You are superb. 9th class boy has great sense about WWE. Well I am impressed. Nice job dear.. Take care..

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