Watch For The New Designs

There’s no one right answer – and the more the senior can budget for the venture, the more he’ll be happy to collect. However, it’ll be easier to narrow down the list than you think.

Watch for the new designs, like new quarter or half dollar designs, especially – those coins aren’t likely to show up that often in your pocket when just dealing with the coins in circulation. These are the perfect coins to pass on to kids and grandkids as well. They never lose face value and only grow with additional value.

These coins take on a special meaning just for you so while they may cost a bit more simply because of their scarcity and age, they won’t be completely unaffordable because not every coin collector is interested in coins from that year. You might also focus on coins from other years of importance to you, like your wedding year, your graduation year, your children’s birth years, etc.

Focus on one or two countries that mean something to you to keep the collection manageable.

Regardless of how many coins or which type of coins you or your senior loved one decide to collect, look for hobby groups to join to meet other people with similar interests and make connections. Collecting is more fun when done with other people. You can go shopping together online or at antique shops, hunting down the next find.

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