When an MRI Is Recommended: Symptoms of a Brain Tumor

brian-2When it comes to something as potentially dangerous as a brain tumor – whether it’s a benign growth or a malignant cancerous growth, as both can cause serious damage – it’s better to be vigilant and have a test done to see if there’s an issue than to let it go and hope for the best. You don’t even have to go to your doctor’s office and wait for a referral to a radiology department when you can speak to a specialist at an MRI imaging center and get an open MRI. Or, if your doctor gets you a referral, you may still find the independent imaging center more affordable. While no price is too much for peace of mind, if you think you can’t afford an MRI, you’d be surprised at how affordable it can be.


Visit http://middletownimaging.com/ to check out many of the conditions diagnosed with the help of an MRI. A brain tumor is one of the most common, and thanks to the open MRI model, even claustrophobic people, people with limited mobility, nervous children, and those who are overweight can comfortably and securely get brain scans. Forgetfulness is one of the most common reasons people ask for an MRI, particularly forgetfulness that increases over time. However, while any forgetfulness is troubling, the most concerning type is when someone forgets, for example, what car keys are and what they do, not where they put their keys – which is a common thing people forget even without tumors.


While pain is always concerning, headaches that come along with dizziness are more concerning than headaches on their own, as many conditions can cause frequent headaches. Dizziness could be a result of a tumor interfering with the brain’s function. It’s especially concerning when it gets worse over time and isn’t tied to hormonal cycles or specific triggers.

Worsening Headaches

Headaches are indeed, however, a common symptom of tumors, especially when they get worse over time. Headaches caused by tumors typically aren’t easy to establish the causes for (for example, frequent headaches might also be caused by a lack of sleep, too much caffeine or changes in the weather) and gradually get worse, not better.

Make an appointment with your doctor or head straight to an imaging center if you experience even one of these symptoms. While the symptoms don’t guarantee you have a tumor, it’s better to rule out a tumor quickly than to wait for a potential problem to get worse before you start treatment.  Most insurances are accepted at imaging centers and you may qualify for financial payment plans and assistance if you ask upfront.