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Scuba Diving & Certification

Scuba diving is a type of diving where divers carry out their duties under water. The diver uses a scuba that has gas not connected to the surface source. Apparatus that contain the gas used by the diver when under the water are called the scuba. The gadgets are independent of external or surface air supply.

Benefits enjoyed by the diver using the scuba are beyond those enjoyed for using cylinders with external air supply. The distance swum by the scuba diver is much more than that of the diver using cylinders with external supply of the gas. Those certified from the military department especially in New Jersey and its college are referred to as frogmen. Sometimes they call such scuba divers as attack swimmers or combat divers.

Characteristically scuba diving sets itself apart from other forms of swimming. The other ones depend on apparatus that rely on oxygen supplied from the surface. On the contrary, oxygen supply for scuba divers is not connected to any external sources. It includes among other features, oxygen compressed in gas cylinders.
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Movement to the certified scuba divers becomes easy with these apparatus. Comparatively, movement that relies on surface sources of air is limited than carried breathing gas. Those using non-external sources of oxygen supply endure more under the water.
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The open-circuit system is one of the many forms of scuba diving. These forms discharge the gas for breathing into the required atmosphere immediately the scuba diver exhales. At minimum, the system has one diving cylinder. The gas contained in the cylinder is compressed and under heavy pressure.

In the system, the diving regulator releases the exhaled air into the environment. On few occasions do you find more than one cylinder attached to the open-circuit system. They are also used when there is need for emergency breathing gas.

The other scuba diving system is called the closed-circuit. Occasionally, they call them semi-closed circuit systems. It is different from the open-circuit in that it recycles air used by scuba divers. Compared to the open-circuit system, the closed or semi-closed system has reduced gas. The size of cylinders in the closed-circuit system is smaller than those in the open-circuit system.

The cylinders only carry enough gas equivalent to the amount the scuba diver requires. Trust the scuba diver to under stay under water for long when using the closed-circuit system than when using the open one. This is considering that the scuba divers involved would consume the same amount of gas.

Diving using the closed-circuit system is much as it causes less bubbling in water. The environment remains relatively cool during closed-circuit system diving. Its essence appears when those in the military camp in New Jersey train and use the same technique. It helps in concealing detection. It is also good to remember that marine animals need protection from scientific divers. Media scuba divers should the system to avoid disturbing marine animals.

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