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The Crystal Singing Bowl Experience

Crystal bowls are made from Quartz Crystal which is composed of silicon dioxide and that is strongly present in our human chemical structure. Each bowl is molded and shaped from ground crystal and during this procedure it really is tuned with a musical note. The tones of the bowls resonate to the seven musical notes. All of us have seven main chakras, which are energy centres within our etheric body, and each resonates into a musical note additionally. The sound and oscillations of the crystal bowls help realign our energy centers to their natural healing vibrations.

There is certainly an immediate link between distinct parts of the body and the vibrational tones of the crystal bowls from SSI. As the vibrational energy of sound journeys to different parts of our body, it can aide in the healing we need most. The tones of the crystal bowls enhance this modality and actually take sound healing to a new and heightened amount with their strong, yet soothing intonations that enable you to relax. When you are relaxed you are opening the door for healing to start. The healing tones of the Silver Sky crystal bowl can arouse brain, endocrine glands, the chakras and nervous system.

These healing tones can help balance and align the whole metabolic system. As physical beings, we’re composed of approximately 60% water and water vibrates quite easily. If you’re able to liken the vibrational sounds of the bowls as a pebble being thrown into a pond of water and the ripple effect it has on the water, this is similar to what happens on our cells when we experience the healing vibrational tones within us. The amazing harmonic tones resonate with the fluids within organs, blood and our body as well as moving itself. When we play the bowls with focused intent, healing can happen on many levels; spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically. Astounding results are certain to happen when the power of sound is united with the power of crystal.
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What our planet has given us to use for expansion, growth and healing is a marvel to me. As we work with Silver Sky crystal bowls this enables us to feel our connection with nature on a totally new experience. There is so much accessible for us to utilize here on earth that can bring us the balance and harmony each of us is searching for. We all are vibrational energy beings with the potential to fix within ourselves. This only enhances and supports the healing process when we can use the tools that have been provided for us. The healing vibrations can in fact bring us into an awareness of the healing power and that is where healing really starts.What Do You Know About Bowls

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