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Results of WrestleMania 25 – April 5, 2009


Rey Mysterio defeated JBL.
Matt Hardy defeated Jeff Hardy in Extreme Rules Match.
CM Punk wins Money in the Bank Ladder Match. (CM Punk defeated Mark Henry, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Christian, Kofi Kingston, MVP and Finlay)
Chris Jericho defeated WWE Legends (Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & Jimmy Snuka ).
Santina Marella wins 25-Diva Battle Royal for title of “Miss WrestleMania”.
WWE Tag Team Champions Carlito and Primo defeated World Tag Team Champions The Miz and John Morrison.
The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels.
John Cena defeated Edge and Big Show in triple threat match.
Triple H defeated Randy Orton.

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9 Responses to “Results of WrestleMania 25 – April 5, 2009”

  1. 1.Tanner:

    Triple H kicked randy ortons but

  2. 2.Tanner:

    Triple H kicked randy ortons but !

  3. 3.Tiffany:

    “Tanner”… it’s butt, not but.
    and Triple H shouldn’t have won. Ok, i understand that Randy did take this WAAAAAAYY too far by slammin Stephanie and beating up Shane and Vince, but to be fair… Triple H had something coming his way, because when he betrayed Randy Orton, it must have been apsoultely horrible, i know that i wouldn’t want it to happen to me.
    Triple H deserved alittle bit of nastyness from Randy, but i do think Randy did take it just a tad too far.
    Randy Orton is FIITTT!!!
    Love, Tiffany & Louise xx

  4. 4.David:

    It doesn’t really matter who won this match because of the fact that in the same night the greatest match in wrestling history took place…im talking about HBK vs The Undertaker…it was the best match EVER

    but as it pertains to this match, it was pretty stupid

    i mean if youre a true wrestling follower like i am then you would have known already that the sledge would come in somewhere and for that to happen the ref had to get “knocked out” and the fact that the RKO and the Pedigree happened within the first couple of minutes of the match was flat out dumb

    but like tanner said HHH whipped Randy Orton’s a*s

  5. 5.thomas:

    tiffany listen in know you think your all that telling by your name and your rudeness butt you know what lay off sir because you know what pretty or not looks arent everything and yes Triple H did deserve to win.

  6. 6.thomas:

    oh and “tiffany” its absolutely and i dont mean to be rude butt dont comment on other peoples mistakes because you have a whole lot coming your way how old are 2 but anyway buzz off and randy orton deserves everything he is going to get on backlash and every other day so shut up before i make you and dont go opening your mouth unless your positive so laters

  7. 7.Tanner:

    Hey David your sooo right everyone hates randy orton he is stupid i cant belive randy orton won at Backlash he is a BIG cheater!

  8. 8.shivika prakash:

    hhh u did the tremendous job. sorry i was late for my my comments.

  9. 9.RIZU:

    hhh BEGINS now to games

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