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WWE Over the Limit Results – May 22, 2011

R-Truth defeated Rey Mysterio

R-Truth defeated Rey Mysterio by pinfall. Truth hits his finisher “Shut Up” to get the win.
Ezekiel Jackson defeated Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett by Disqualification. The Disqualification occurred when Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater interfered. Wade Barrett is still our Intercontinental Champion.
Sin Cara defeated Chavo Guerrero by pinfall .
WWE Tag Team Champions Big Show and Kane defeated CM Punk and Mason Ryan by pinfall. Show pinned Ryan. Show and Kane hit Ryan with a double chokeslam to get the win. Big Show and Kane are still our WWE Tag Team Champions.
Divas Champion Brie Bella defeated Kelly Kelly by pinfall. When the refereed was down, Nikki Bella rain in and hit Kelly Kelly with the Bella Buster to get the win.
World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton defeated Christian by pinfall. Orton hit Christian with a RKO to get the win. Randy Orton is still our World Heavyweight Champion.
Jerry Lawler defeated Michael Cole in Kiss My Foot Match by pinfall.
WWE Champion John Cena defeated The Miz in “I Quit” Match. Cena locked The Miz in the STF and The Miz quit. John Cena is still our WWE Champion.

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16 Responses to “WWE Over the Limit Results – May 22, 2011”

  1. 1.Mukesh:

    This will be last match of the miz in WWE…………

  2. 2.abdul:

    Mizz. should be fired from wwe.

  3. 3.ravinder:

    i love cene

  4. 4.ravinder:

    i love r k o

  5. 5.manu:

    O YES! Cena & Ortan is still champ.

  6. 6.Shahnawaz:

    R-Truth is a coward……

  7. 7.fatu:

    MIZ is AWESOME he shud hav won dat match,wwe always gave chanc 2 cena 2 win,it is not fair

  8. 8.Robin:

    Miz is cheater and hopeless fellow

  9. 9.Johnson Hezekiah:

    The awful one said ‘i quit’. Congrats John Cena!

  10. 10.pink legacy:

    Randy is the best
    He’s the champ he deserves more

  11. 11.ronaldritu:

    cena keep it up u r my man n the miz go to hell

  12. 12.nate:

    miz said i quit…. didn’t come as a suprise

  13. 13.KAY LAW:


  14. 14.satvik:

    Mizz izz very stupid tp challenge john at I Quit match!

  15. 15.Suresh:

    Miz don’t worry. . U wil be QUIT as soon frm d wwe. . . Congrats cena. . !

  16. 16.Anneswan:

    Everything has gone Over The Limit!!
    Miz’s time is up,
    Cena’s time is now.
    Cena the WWE Champ and Orton the World Heaviweight Champ!WWE is Awwwesssoommm…
    Can you smmmellllll, What the Raw is cookinn?
    Now its time to say:
    The Viper Strikes,
    The Deadman made the Game Rest in Peace…,
    Rock is cookinn,
    RAW is WAR,
    and finally…

    The Champ is Here…

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