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WWE Superstars and Divas Debut Years

WWE Superstars

WWE Superstars

Albert (A-Train): 1997
Alberto Del Rio: 2010
Alsnow: 1982
Andre The Giant: 1963
Bam Bam Bigelow: 1985
Batista: 1997
Big Show: 1995
Bill Goldberg: 1997
Billy Gunn: 1993
Billy Kidman: 1994
Boogeyman: 2004
Booker-T: 1989
Bradshaw: 1992
Bret Hart: 1978
Bubba Ray Dudley: 1991
Buff Bagwell: 1990
Charlie Haas: 1996
Chavo Guerrero Jr.: 1994
Chris Benoit: 1985
Chris Jericho: 1990
Chris Masters: 2002
Christian: 1995
CM Punk: 1999
Cody Rhodes: 2006
D-Von Dudley: 1991
Eddie Guerrero: 1987
Edge: 1992
Hardcore Holly: 1990
Hulk Hogan: 1977
Jeff Hardy: 1993
Jerry Lawler: 1970
John Cena: 2001
Justin Credible: 1992
Kane: 1992
Kevin Nash: 1990
Kurt Angle: 1998
Lance Storm: 1990
Mark Henry: 1996
Marty Jannetty: 1984
Matt Hardy: 1994
Mick Foley: 1983
R-Truth: 1997
Randy Orton: 2000
Rey Mysterio: 1989
Ric Flair: 1972
Rob Van Dam: 1990
Shannon Moore: 1995
Shawn Michaels: 1984
Sheamus: 2006
Sin Cara: 2011
Spike Dudley: 1994
Sting: 1985
Steve Austin: 1989
Tatanka: 1989
Tazz: 1987
Test: 1994
The Great Khali: 2000
The Miz: 2006
The Rock: 1996
The Undertaker: 1984
Triple H: 1992
Umaga: 1995
Val Venis: 1995
Viscera: 1993
X-Pac: 1992

WWE Divas

WWE Divas

Amy Weber: 2004
Ashley: 2005
Beth Phoenix: 2001
Chyna: 1995
Dawn Marie: 1995
Eve Torres: 2007
Gail Kim: 2000
Kelly Kelly: 2006
Lilian Garcia: 1999
Lita: 1999
Maria Kanellis: 2004
Melina: 2002
Stephanie Mcmahon: 1999
Stacy Keibler: 1999
Torrie Wilson: 1999
Trish Stratus: 2000
Victoria: 2000

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  1. 1.pariss:

    i wish i was there

  2. 2.Sarovar Bhandari:

    Me Too

  3. 3.undertaker:

    Well i dont becuse i don’t want toget tomestone or knocked out.

  4. 4.Alekisio:

    i also wish i was there and to be one of the superstar

  5. 5.sin cara:

    i wish i was there i know iwill make it there one day

  6. 6.abhinav raj cena:

    I dont wish I was there because I AM their in the form of 2008 ROYAL RUMBLE WINNER/10 times WWE CHAMPION/2010-2011 ELIMINATION CHAMBER WINNER and allllllllllllllll


  7. 7.arpan prusty:

    I am the biggest wwe and according to me the ratings are,
    the undertaker is the best and cena can be second

  8. 8.sibeate goodday:

    I am the best fan of cena and batista pls i need ur email txns

  9. 9.MANAV:

    25TH JUNE 2011


  10. 10.DSC BHAI:

    i am fan of cena & sin cara but i am from india therefore i love khali ,jinder maha l

  11. 11.Oriental:

    to me all of the wwe superstar and divas is the greatest so my fav superstar and diva john cena the viper randy orton sin cara daniel bryan cody rodes cm punk chirs master mason ryan big zeke tyson kidd matt hardy. and kelly kelly eve . even i have not been to wwe live i would like to go but instead i sit and watch wwe on tv. and i the biggest fan of the WWE . THE CHAMP IS HERE.

  12. 12.Esther:


  13. 13.Leutle Tshephang:

    I don’t know why Triple H mentioned the word i’m boss he can go to hell coz he is afraid of Undertaker bt anyway go Cena show CM Punk who u’re coz Triple H he is on ur side i’m ryt. I hope our boy Justin Gabriel is doing well but anywhere soon he will on top frm South Africa go Gabriel go. Ray just put ur mask off coz some superstar realize how can they defeat u..

  14. 14.Nitish Sharma:

    All nice

  15. 15.miracle:

    i wish i was there to

  16. 16.Mirjana Ostric:

    Hey guys

    Beth Phoenix is most talent diva in the WWE!!! She is my favorite diva in the WWE!!! She is beauty and strong!!!

    Your Mirjana
    (from Switzerland, Zürich (15 years old) )

  17. 17.lion Roslan:

    i love Randy and HHH

  18. 18.Vijay Raj,Pallepogu:

    The Undertaker was the god of WWE. He is the best wrestler ever.

  19. 19.axad:

    she’z also sexxxxxyyyy=D

  20. 20.supahottie:

    John cena 4 eva
    wwe rules

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