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WWE WrestleMania 26 Results – March 28, 2010

Randy Orton after winning the match at WrestleMania 26

Yoshi Tatsu wins 26-Superstar WrestleMania Battle Royal Match.
Big Show and The Miz defeated R-Truth and John Morrison by pinfall. Big Show pins John Morrison to win. Big Show and The Miz are still over Unified Tag-Team Champions.
Randy Orton defeated Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. in a triple threat match by pinfall. Randy Orton pins Ted DiBiase after hitting him with a RKO to win.
Jack Swagger defeated Kofi Kingston, MVP, Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Kane and Christian to win 2010 Money In The Bank Ladder Match.
Triple H defeated Sheamus by pinfall. Triple-H hit Sheamus with a pedigree to get the win.
Rey Mysterio defeated CM Punk by pinfall. Rey Mysterio hits CM Punk with a 619 to get the win. Now, Rey Mysterio does not have to join the Straight Edge Society.
Bret “Hitman” Hart defeated Vince McMahon in No Holds Barred match. Bret Hart apply Sharpshooter on Vince to get the win.
Chris Jericho defeated Edge for World Heavyweight Championship by pinfall. Chris Jericho hits the Codebreaker on Edge to get the win. Jericho is still our World Heavyweight Champion.
Michelle McCool, Maryse, Layla, Alicia Fox and Vickie Guerrero defeated Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Eve Torres, Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix in a 10-Diva Tag Team Match by pinfall. Vickie hits bullfrog splash on Kelly Kelly to get the win.
John Cena defeated Batista for WWE Championship by submission. John Cena locks Batista in the STF to get the win. John Cena is our new WWE Champion.
The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels in Streak vs Career Match by pinfall. The Undertaker hits Tombstone on Michaels to get the win.

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58 Responses to “WWE WrestleMania 26 Results – March 28, 2010”

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  1. 1.scorpion47stinger:

    yeah yeah yeah ……………… triple h and orton showed their wrestlemania experience

  2. 2.dx army:

    show-miz win?????
    i can’t believe it..

  3. 3.mysterious:

    yea i love it

  4. 4.dx army:

    team vickie guerrero is the bad team..

  5. 5.pookamus:


  6. 6.dx army:

    ya ya ya..
    john cena wins..


    finally badtista loses

  8. 8.matt:

    good 4 triple h

  9. 9.subu:

    wow john cena wooooooooooon !!!
    ya,john cena kicked mr.b*tch’( batista’s ) a*s !!!!!
    and john cena is our new wwe champion and now he is a nine(9) time champion.

  10. 10.Eddie:

    john cena won didn’t Batista say bad things happen when john cena in he ring

  11. 11.THE GAME:

    what the hell??????????????
    y2j defeated edge????
    i don’t believe it

  12. 12.aayush:

    wooooooooo cena finally beated a great sucker batista

  13. 13.THE GAME:

    is HBK over now????


    R.I.P H.B.K

  15. 15.dx army:

    we will miss u shawn..
    u r the best..

  16. 16.pookamus:


  17. 17.pookamus:

    YAYAY the undertaker is still there 18-0 keep it up undertaker

  18. 18.Justin:

    Batista can’t see cena ! Woof

  19. 19.sricena:

    i already told each of u tht no one in the earth can break the undertaker undefeated streak…no one can change the history of the darkness….!
    Wht a hell of tht match it was…this is the best wrestlemania match of the undertaker ever…its awesome match guys..its a pure classic wrestlimg match ever…! undertaker ur undefeated streak will be 4ever live at wrestlemania! u already prove tht u r the wreslemania phenomenon!

  20. 20.sricena:

    Wrestlemania v11:Jimmy snuka
    Wrestlemania v111:Jake Robert
    Wrestlemania v1X:Giant Gonzalez
    Wrestlemania X1:King Kong Bundy
    Wrestlemania X11:Kevin Nash
    Wrestlemania 13:Psycho Sid
    Wrestlemania X1V:Masked Kane
    Wrestlemania XV:Big Boss Man
    Wrestlemania X-Seven:HHH
    Wrestlemania X-8:Ric Flair
    Wrestlemania X1X:Big Show & Albert
    Wrestlemania XX:Kane
    Wrestlemania 21:Randy Orton
    Wrestlemania 22:Mark Henry
    Wrestlemania 23:Batista
    Wrestlemania 24:Edge
    Wrestlemania 25:HBK
    Wrestlemania 26:HBK Carrier…18-0!

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