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WWE WrestleMania 29 Matches for April 7, 2013

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37 Responses to “WWE WrestleMania 29 Matches for April 7, 2013”

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  1. 1.Sanjay:

    WrestleMania 29 Triple-H vs Brock Lesnar 100%.

  2. 2.Sexy Diva:

    Kelly Kelly is sexy 100%.

  3. 3.Amit:

    Lets go cena, Cena sucks!

  4. 4.The Rage:

    Who’s gonna face undertaker?

  5. 5.Sahil:

    Lets go cena. Cena rocks!! Not sucks! Okay.

  6. 6.Kaustav:

    Boring WrestleMania without the viper and Brock Lesnar. Who’s gonna face this two men and Undertaker.

  7. 7.Mike Shinoda:

    Ryback vs Undertaker,
    Or, Lets face it, even CM Punk vs Undertaker?
    Randy Orton shouldn’t be in the Wrestlemania either. He Sucks. He Lost his momentum.
    HHH vs Brock Lesnar, Thats cool.
    Cena and Rock will burn the ring.
    I Need Jeff Hardy!! He should return? Who agrees? Alberto Way To Go!! But Hey, I know what will happen, Cena will win and Dolph Ziggler cashes and beats Cena.
    Easy Over All This Wrestlemania is sure to Entertain.

  8. 8.Amit:

    The champ is here and rise above hate.

  9. 9.Akshay:

    Rock will never rock. Lets go cena. Cena is the next champ.

  10. 10.Sadiq:

    Undertaker vs. Punk

  11. 11.Ali:

    Cena is very bad wrestler ever.

  12. 12.Hamza:

    Undertaker going to 21-0.

  13. 13.Hamza:

    John Cena #1 worst wrestler ever in the history of the world. Sheamus, Randy Orton, Ryback, The Rock and The Undertaker are the best wrestler ever not cena..

  14. 14.Punk:

    Cena Sucks The Rock Rocks..

  15. 15.Sanda:

    Cena cena cena!!! :D :P

  16. 16.Mike:

    No Ryback!

  17. 17.Suphian123:

    Let’s go Cena rocky sucks let’s go cena rocky sucks..

  18. 18.Deepak John:

    Let’s go Cena Rocky sucks.

  19. 19.Cenation:

    The champ is here. John Cena will win.
    In CM punk vs undertaker. Undertaker will win by submission.

  20. 20.Jimsun:

    WM 29 will collect 1 Lakh WWE fans at Metlife Stadium & Will be the best Annual WrestleMania ever.

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