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Paul Bearer


William Alvin “Bill” Moody, better know in WWE as Paul Bearer, passed away Tuesday evening. Paul Bearer was born on April 10, 1954. Paul made his WWE debut in 1991. The cause of death is yet to be determined.

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Jerry “The King” Lawler Suffers Heart Attack on Raw

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry O’Neil Lawler better known in WWE as Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack at tonight’s Raw. Lawler was taken to a medical facility in Montreal where he was receiving oxygen and breathing on his own. At the end of Monday Night’s Raw, Michael Cole announced that Jerry Lawler’s condition had stabilized.

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Randy Orton Suspended for 60 Days

WWE has suspended Randy Orton for 60 days effective immediately after his second official Wellness policy violation. WWE posted following on May 30, 2012 at their website.
“In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Randy Orton for 60 days effective today for his second violation of the company’s policy.”

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Rey Mysterio Suspended for 60 Days

WWE.com has on Thursday announced that WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio (Oscar Gutierrez) has been suspended for 60 days effective immediately for a violation of the company wellness policy.

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Brock Lesnar Returns

Brock Lesnar Returns

Brock Edward Lesnar better known as “Brock Lesnar” returns to WWE. Brock Lesnar made a shocking return tonight and lays Cena out with the F5.

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WWE Makes Announcement Regarding John Laurinaitis and Theodore Long


WWE has on Tuesday announced that to determine which General Manager should control both shows, the WWE Board of Directors has decided to switch control of each show next week. SmackDown GM Theodore Long will take control of Monday night’s Raw while Raw GM John Laurinaitis takes the reins of next Friday’s SmackDown.

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Santino Marella to replace Randy Orton at Elimination Chamber

Randy Orton Injured

As Randy Orton got injured on last Monday Night Raw after being hit in the head with the World Heavyweight Championship, and Santino Marella won a battle royal at Smackdown to claim Randy Orton’s spot in the Elimination Chamber, Marella will now replace Orton in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match at WWE PPV “Elimination Chamber”.

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