Four Steps to Preparing for a Go-Kart Race

Four Steps to Preparing for a Go-Kart Race

If you have dreams of becoming a race car driver, then you should start pursuing it by racing with go-karts first. Yes, it may sound juvenile if you are already in your 20s or 30s, but ask any famous race car driver and they will tell you that is how they started to learn about racing.

Also, it is much safer than racing illegally. In go-karts, the danger is minimal and you could even avoid getting a whiplash in Utah race tracks because you will be wearing safety equipment. If you are convinced to try out go-kart racing, here are some steps you should take to prepare yourself for your first race.

Buy a new go-kart

It may be a bit expensive, but experts will tell you that if you buy a second-hand kart, especially one that is two or three years old, the expenses you will incur to have it repaired and replace some parts will almost be the same as buying a new one. Also, if you buy a new go-kart, you are guaranteed that it will be a lot safer.

However, be wary of sellers who are trying to give you a go-kart that is ready to race. It means that they are selling you worn-out equipment just so they can spend on newer karts. Ask other dealers.

Get your gear

After you have purchased your go-kart, it is time to get your safety equipment. Be sure that your safety gear is in perfect condition because you are talking about your well-being here. Go-karts may seem like child’s play to some, but when you race against other serious go-kart racers, the stakes are higher and you need to drive faster.

Going fast even on a go-kart can be dangerous and one slip can send you tumbling around. If your safety gear is not of good quality, you might get more than just a bruised knee. So, get some proper gear that are of good quality. You will need the following items:

  • Full-face helmet
  • Neck collar
  • Racing gloves
  • Racing shoes
  • Racing suit (these should be thick enough to let you scrape against the pavement without breaking the fabric)

Learn the basics

It would be better if you take some lessons in go-kart racing rather than trying to learn on your own because veteran racers have some tips and tricks that you will not frequently find in self-help books. Also, if you study under a veteran race car driver, he can let you know right away if you are doing something wrong.


Once you have learned the basics, you should test your knowledge by heading out to a go-kart race track. Try to improve on your speed every time you are on the track, but always exercise caution.

Once you have seen yourself implement everything you have learned, then it is time for you to join a race. Go online and look for a local go-kart racing event you can join and do your best to win it.