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The problem with drinks for teenagers is their usually packed stuffed with artificial flavours, sugar and other components that aren’t good for them.

Great lens. Soda is loaded with sugar and there seem to be potential health issues with all the artificial sweetners too. A can of soda from time to time might not damage however consuming all of it day on daily basis cannot be good for you. My kids know we don’t hold soda in the house and by no means will. Doesn’t mean they can not have it occasionally once we exit, just not as their go-to drink each time they’re thirsty!

Poetic Idiot – Hello there! I am very glad you came across this hub. Aren’t those middle of the night bouts of insomnia irritating? I really feel you. I do hope you will give tart cherry juice a try and that you just attain the benefits that I did. If anything, it’s certainly good for you. As you possibly can see by the hub, this juice is certainly tops in relation to antioxidants. Thanks for coming by.

While I feel that older children can and must be able to making their very own selections, I certainly am in favor of banning flavored milk for preschools for the sake of dental health. Or not necessarily ‘banning’ it outright, but not offering it would be best (youngsters can bring their very own flavored milk from residence, however youngsters who buy college lunch at public preschool should not be offered chocolate milk as an possibility – just common milk is okay). At preschool age they really do not know sufficient of the professionals and cons to make an knowledgeable selection.

Right now’s kids have many extra beverage options than we did 20-30 years ago. Juice, soda and even Starbucks beverages often end up in the arms of kids 5-18. A more healthy, but nonetheless tasty choice of chocolate milk or different flavored milk encourages youngsters to reach for a beverage that accommodates important nutrients, including protein that may help hold them satisfied until the subsequent meal. Apple juice, soda or water can’t try this!

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