Appreciation “Crystal Awards” for Outstanding Nurses

screen-shot-2014-04-10-at-7-39-19-pmIs Nursing managers should anger every day to remind the nurse executive to always be disciplined, friendly, have good communication?

Or, in the Nursing managers dizzy  by the staff nurse who like protest when managers speak rules? If so, read this article.

And, if a Nursing manager getting bored reprimand, impose sanctions on the nursing staff ‘naughty’ for being less disciplined, often late coming, and less obedient to orders from superiors?

With punishment ever given to the nursing staff that is considered ‘stubborn’, did succeed in changing the behavior? If the answer is no, it is worth the try reverse way, the punishment is enforced according to the rules and award that have quality such as Crystal Trophies was given to a nurse who excel.

Basically, humans have two properties that are difficult to change, that one, defending himself even though he was wrong and two, wanted to compete to compete with his colleagues to be the best.

Somehow, many of us tend to put sanctions in enforcing the rules, instead of giving rewards to men so that he is motivated to excel.

The question is, as a nursing manager had they thought to give a plaque of appreciation at the end of one of the staff nurses? Charter award was given because a nurse has been doing its best for working this year in the hospital (for assessment criteria). To make it more valuable rewards you can see it at, there are several types of forms such as crystal trophies, custom crystal awards, glass awards, crystal plaque in

Perhaps, announced during a morning assembly or the mass media, that this year was the best nurse, for his achievements, he was given a plaque of appreciation by the Hospital, and he was a top priority for training or continuing education of all staff nurses at the hospital that exist today. Then, give him a certificate of appreciation, as you can see various awards at and you can design, preview and purchase awards, nameplates, plaques, trophies, badges and personalized gifts.


In many choices of products to choose from, such as the award plaques, acrylic awards, crystal awards, marble awards, trophies, nameplates, and personal gifts such as clocks, frames and desk items. And that makes of is of a design studio, In the Design Studio, customers will have the opportunity to be creative and custom design Reviews their own product by following a few easy steps. They will have the opportunity to not only customize Reviews their engraving, but Also choose plaque boards, plates, and logos from our large selection of designs, and another great feature that offer is the ability to preview customer designs right on website! Customers will not have to wait until they receive the product to see how it will look. Real-time previews in will allow customers to see Reviews their orders instantly.

I think enough, without any money, I’m sure the nurse was going to be proud to get it. And, another nurse who will also be interested and motivated to be the best in the next year.

Not only that, the nurse who has been performing appropriate assessment criteria which have been set and agreed upon, it is for nurses who have won the award is also a priority to be head of the room, Head Installation, even the Head of Nursing.

What punishment? Whose name rules shall be enforced, but the reward never in underestimated. Professional football players, struggled while playing just for the sake of achievement, not for the money alone, no one wants his team to be champions, there is a personal mission wants to be the gold shoes or top score.

Why in the work environment does not appear aroma competition, so that nurses are subordinated to compete fairly for the sake of an accomplishment? It’s basically, humans as social beings have an innate wish to compete with each other.

Is not before conception, embryo, and fetus are embedded in the uterus as well as through the competition process, who was born into the world is the best, one of your example, have to get rid of thousands of other seedlings during the process of fertilization.

And, not human beings have the nature of ‘primitive’ regulars defend himself even though he was wrong, real examples, just look at a politician who likes swapping one-liners, he was cornered and recorded media said one, still defensively, dodged that he was right. Likewise, when the nursing staff in the given sanctions, he would still defend themselves as much as possible, that he is properly performing their duties.

Preferably, a nursing manager approached reward, but did not leave the punishment, so that the organization runs towards the achievement of best fit the vision and mission hospitals.

What about the staff who had been disobedient? If the competition program has been started, and he did not move on, then believe he will not last long. Returning to compete psychology, nursing staff must have considered naughty and stubborn will turn improve themselves, because they also need training and continuing education, also wanted to get a plaque of appreciation.

If you want training or continuing education, he was a self-conscious, because it is not a priority, let alone want to be head of the room or the head of the field. Inevitably, he will change and ambition to always compete.

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