The Dangers of Often Eating Greasy Foods 3

If you often have trouble resisting the temptation to indulge in greasy foods, you’re not alone in this. Although almost everyone knows that foods high in oil are not healthy foods, avoiding them is indeed very difficult.

Oily foods high in fat content. This type of fat in food is usually also a “bad” fat that is detrimental to health. So, what are the possible impacts when you frequently eat foods containing oil?

One way of cooking that is easy and practical is frying. That’s why you can find greasy foods everywhere, from fast food restaurants, to hawker centers, to street vendors, to your very own kitchen.

If you only consume it once in a month, there may not be a problem with your body. However, in large quantities or in the long term, oil in food can cause health problems as follows.

  1. Increases the risk of cancer

A diet high in fat and oil does more than just impact the risk of obesity and heart disease. It also increases the risk of various cancers such as breast cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer.

Until now, researchers are still conducting research to confirm this relationship. Even so, the US National Cancer Institute advises everyone to limit their intake of saturated fat from daily food.

You are also advised to avoid consuming foods containing trans fats. Instead, choose healthy fats that come from fish, nuts, avocados, seeds, and similar natural foods.

  1. Disturbing brain function

Excessive consumption of oily food may interfere with brain function. Various studies have shown that this is related to weight gain, high blood pressure, and metabolic disorders due to excess fat intake.

All of these factors are related to disturbances in the structures, tissues, and activities of the brain organs. In fact, a study in the Journal of Nutritional Science showed a decline in learning and memory abilities.

These various effects certainly do not appear immediately in a short time. However, of course it’s better if you prevent it by limiting your intake of foods that contain oil such as fast food, donuts, pizza, French fries, and the like.