The Inner Bond of Mother and Baby in the Womb

Maybe you think that the bond between mother and new baby will really form after the baby is born. But in fact, the first step to building bonding or bonding between mother and baby can be started in the womb or during pregnancy and born.

The benefits of building a bond between mother and baby in the womb

Practice hypnobirthing

Prior to birth, many prenatal classes are offered so that mothers are better prepared for the birth process. One of them is hypnobirthing.

This childbirth class uses hypnotherapy techniques to help you focus on your baby and your body to deal with the birthing process and increase the bond between mother and baby.

Hypnobirthing techniques can make you understand more about ways to deal with pain during the birth process.

Besides being able to make the mother’s body and mind more ready, this technique can also help strengthen the bond …

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Foods to Avoid After Childbirth

There are a number of foods that are prohibited for consumption, both after normal or cesarean delivery. Avoiding these foods aims to speed up recovery as well as prepare the mother before breastfeeding.

List of prohibited foods after normal delivery
Paying attention to the nutritional content of food after giving birth is just as important as when a mother chooses food during pregnancy.

This is because the nutrients from food that are absorbed by the body will be carried away by breast milk, which is the baby’s main food source.

In addition, certain types of food will also help mothers get through the puerperium more easily.

Conversely, there are also types of food that should not be eaten after giving birth.

Not only hindering the recovery process, some of the following types of food are also feared to interfere with the baby’s growth.

Spicy food

Spicy food should be …

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