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John Cena vs Ryback

WWE Champion John Cena vs Ryback.

WWE Champion John Cena will defend his title against Ryback in a Last Man Standing Match at upcoming PPV “Extreme Rules”.

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11 Responses to “John Cena vs Ryback”

  1. 1.Yash:

    Cena you are great and Ryback you just know to eat food and say Feed Me More. Cena sucks..

  2. 2.Deepak John:

    Cena cena cena. ;-)

  3. 3.Arun Kumar:

    It is Cenation time and Cena will defeat the Ryback and he proves to the shield also.

  4. 4.Acena:

    Ryback + M. Henry = Cena.

  5. 5.Neelesh:

    Best of luck 2 both of you Cena and Ryback. Both of you are the faces of WWE.

  6. 6.Suphian123:

    I’m glad that Cena is not hurt this way heal be ready to defeat Ryback at Extreme Rules and keep the WWE title & let’s go Cena.

  7. 7.Dinesh:

    Cena win the champ..

  8. 8.Sam:

    No doubt! Cena will defend his title successfully. Who’s next champ?

  9. 9.Rishant:

    The champ is here Cena wins..

  10. 10.Suphian123:

    Ryback sucks John Cena will keep the WWE championship.

  11. 11.Suphian123:

    John Cena will be WWE champ until WrestleMania 31.

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