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A Guide to Bair Hugger Pros It makes sense that preventing infection should be chosen over treating complications. Not only in a sense that you body does not have to suffer decay like inflammation, bleeding, etc, but you also suffer the outcome that goes with it live fever, chills, poor appetite, dizziness, lethargy, shaking, etc. It especially make more sense when all that it takes is simply using a blanket that serves as a warming device that most patients depend upon while resting after an operation. This blanket is no ordinary blanket but it functions as a heat conductor so that the user will be kept constantly warm. It is as the same time a device to prevent and treat hypothermia or that abnormal low body temperature. So, this device does not only provide you with a covering, as a blanket, but it is also mechanized so that warm air is expelled. Using this special device will give you a lot of savings in terms of money and convenience and comfort since you won’t need any other device like straps and tubes and all those medical stuff that they attach to your body just so you feel warm after operation.
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So far we have just discussed the economy and efficiency of the Bair Hugger, or the blanket device that we have been referring to, and now we will see some of its benefits too.
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When medical professionals speaks about prevention and treatment as a whole, it always carries the idea of enhancing the quality of care. Medicine should not only be look at something like hard, cold facts and diagnoses but it also has the element of caring for a human being, compassion for the patient. This product that we have here emphasizes the value of patient care. When a patient has just undergone surgery, the body temperature and the surrounding temperature should be managed because it helps in the eventual healing, and with this device on is able to complete control the temperature to make the ideal one. A good hot air warming system is beneficial for the reason that is it is able to determine the ideal temperature that is required and thus is able to expel the right amount of hot air at the right temperature. Since the device is fully automated, the need for a visiting specialist is not longer needed and you will be able to have complete rest and it will give you the space that you need so that you will heal faster. In this device there is no sticking and poking like what other devices do. The reason for this convenience is because it is a blanket and not an ordinary blanket but it keeps you comfortable in bed because of the material it is made of and because of this it is also very convenient because it is flexible and pliable. There are other uses for this aside from covering yourself as a blanket, it also goes well as a bedding. It can also be used to warm the underside of the body.

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