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Batista vs The Undertaker

Batista vs The Undertaker

World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker will defend his title against Batista in a Chairs Match at upcoming PPV WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

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27 Responses to “Batista vs The Undertaker”

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  1. 1.diba:

    Undertaker im your fan,i like the way u do your work in the ring.im from Namibia down in Rundu town.great job

  2. 2.TEUDDY:

    I like to see this fight batista vs undertaker..

  3. 3.tristan:

    I was a batista fan but now I hate him batista sucks I know it and so does every one else undertaker will win and batista will lose. Even if I was still a batista fan I would still vote for undertaker.My name is Tristan vargas I live in sachse,Texas

  4. 4.Y. Rajib Singha:

    My favourite superstar is the phenom undertaker because he is the best of all and i know that in TLC PPV he will beat batista and batista will REST IN PEACE.

  5. 5.deepak:

    iam the fan of BATISTA still because iam the great fan of him iam from india this time surely batista will win the match because last time at bragging rights batista lost his match because of rey this time he surely takes on phenoem & dead man should again REST IN PEACE FROM DEEPAK (ANIMAL)UNLEASH

  6. 6.Edge Fans:

    i think batista will win this thing.. but i hope the undertaker will retain that gold..

  7. 7.kevin:

    Once again Batista will rest in peace

  8. 8.Julius Roger Fernandes:

    Hey Batista dont be so proud of yourself if you are really a man FACE BROCK LESNAR…

  9. 9.Julius Roger Fernandes:


  10. 10.john:

    i wish undertaker win. batista is now very bad

  11. 11.Julius:

    wwe universe wants to see the undertaker defending his title against the great khali.

  12. 12.Roger:

    where is the great khali..

  13. 13.vinay:

    i think so… batista is going to win this i am the fan of batista. batista is not at all bad because it is rey’s mistake that he disturb batista. you hear batista saying,he announced that “you suposed to be my friend rey”.i hate undertaker because he is an old man. grandpaaa bye.

  14. 14.Deva:

    I hate hate batista so undertaker will win the gold this time surely.

  15. 15.Gautam:

    Iam big fan of Batista but last few days i seen Batista is going to wrong way attacked on Rey Mysterio & Undertaker. So, in this time i wish undertaker win that match and give a lesson to Batista. Unertaker you will win the match and put the Batista at “REST IN PEACE”.

  16. 16.shayan hashmi:

    Iwant batista win

  17. 17.tristan:



    untertaker best in world

  19. 19.rimoo:

    undertaker rocks batista self proclaimed the animal is weak and he is too girly the undertaker was able to make fatboy bigshow to submit batista was using rey as an excuse now will see batista rest in peace R.I.P

  20. 20.Altamash yar khan:

    iam fan of batista. undertaker is old batista is gold under taker will lose undertaker sud not win dis
    i am from pakistan. ALTAMASH KHAN

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