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Results of WWE Summerslam – August 23, 2009


Rey Mysterio defeated Dolph Ziggler. Rey Mysterio is still our Intercontinental champion.
MVP defeated Jack Swagger.
Chris Jericho & Big Show defeated Cryme Tyme. Chris Jericho & Big Show are still our Unified Tag-Team champions.
Kane defeated The Great Khali.
D-Generation X defeated The Legacy.
Christian defeated William Regal. Christian is still our ECW champion.
Randy Orton defeated John Cena. Randy Orton is still our WWE Champion.
CM Punk defeated Jeff Hardy in TLC match and CM Punk is our new World Heavyweight champion.
After the Match, The Undertaker returns to WWE and chokeslams CM Punk.

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8 Responses to “Results of WWE Summerslam – August 23, 2009”

  1. 1.Wendy:

    What a cracking night Summerslam was something else, poor Jeff lost again but what a suprise to see Undertaker back buisness has picked up. DX well what can u say but SUCK IT and Legacy did. Cryme Tyme will get there but someone will have to take Big Show out. All in all a great night

  2. 2.joanne cooper:

    i can’t believe jeff hardy lost at summerslam, he so had it in the bag. but i am glad cm punk got what was coming to him from the undertaker, it is good to have him back. he was sorely missed. but i am so glad that dx generation beat the legacy, they deserved it, after the way they have been because of randy orton.

  3. 3.Kylie:

    Poor Jeff. At least Undertaker came back and chokeslammed CM Punk! Go Rey Mysterio and DX!

  4. 4.owen:

    how did dx come back and defet legacy

  5. 5.mj:

    6-19 6-1-9 6-1-9. jeff hardys poetry is in motion. u cant see me

  6. 6.giree:

    i am vey upshet the jeff hardy lost in summerslam. john cena miss another oppotunerity to get the championship belt.

  7. 7.samuel zarb:

    i’m still shocked how jeff hardy lost.but wow the undertaker return it was exciting.i’m dissappointed that john cena lost to that vipire randy orton.i’m happy that m.v.p put jack swagger in his place.i don’t know how kane deafeated khali i thaught khali is going to win.i’m very very pleased that dx defeated legacy legacy deserved to be defeated and emberissed from dx.i’m happy that christian defeated william regal i knew christian was going to win.i’m not happy that the unified tag team champions won but they are the most dominate tag team in wwe history like kane and the big show were dominate about three years ago.and i’m going to finish with this i hope that dolph ziggler learned his lesson that he has no chance to win the intercontinential title

  8. 8.jeff lover:

    yeah dx i love ya guys <33

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