A Dentists Guide To Implantology

Missing teeth can be very inconvenient and if this happens in the front of the jaw, can go a long way in decreasing our self-esteem too. But, with solutions like implantology, you don’t have to worry these days. So, if you are about to get an implantology done, you sure must be curious about what really is this going to be about. So, here is a brief look:

A tooth is made up of two components. At the top, we have the crown. This is nothing but the visible part of the tooth. Now below the tooth is the root. This is the invisible part that is located below the gumline.

In a dental implant, an artificial tooth gets inserted into the jawbone. So, you have something like a screw in place of the root and an artificial tooth in place of the missing tooth. This procedure also involves an abutment which is placed on the implant.

Implantology is mainly a surgical procedure and has to be done in a clinic by a dentist. If you don’t want to go too far and if you think that I should reach the dentist office near me then explore the Internet to come up with research and find out which is the best option for you to get your implantology done.

Benefits of Implantology

Why should I consider implantology? Is this a question on your mind? Then you can have a look at the benefits below:

Implants are made to look like natural teeth.

Implants do not cause friction or movement like dental prosthesis and are thus more comfortable.

Implants are more stable than artificial teeth. This makes chewing easier and more comfortable. Also, you do not have to adapt your diet with dental implants.

Implants preserve your alveolar bone.

These are just the most important few of the many benefits that you enjoy. So, drop the idea of getting yourself prosthesis and get an appointment for implants on your teeth.

Steps to Preparing for an Implantology

You sure are nervous as you prepare to sit in the dentist’s chair for your anesthesia, followed by surgery. So, here are a few steps to help you:

Do not eat or drink for 12 hours before surgery as this can make you feel nauseous.

You will need to bite a piece of gauze following the surgery as there can be some bleeding.

Sutures will dissolve so you don’t have to think of removing them after surgery.

You will need lots of rest after the procedure, so do not keep any commitments during the week.

Implantology is neither too complicated nor scary. So, if you have thought twice about it, don’t. Apart from this, your dentist will also see that you are provided with antibiotics post the surgery to make sure that you don’t suffer a lot of pain. However, you need to make sure that you maintain good oral hygiene after the surgery since this can otherwise create a lot of gum and other issues.